Where to find textures/how to make textures

Hello I’ve been looking for textures on my builds for years… With no hope most of my projects came out looking bad. I’ve been wondering where people find their textures/texture packs or how to make textures. Most of my builds either have ROBLOX’s built in textures, which aren’t bad, however I need more realistic ones. If anyone can hep that would be amazing!


I personally use https://www.textures.com/, it’s good enough for me. Hope this helps atleast some what


I’m not sure if I understand the question but to my understanding, why can’t you use decals?
You can just add a texture to the part and copy the decal asset ID.

Alternatively you can find what you’re looking for by searching it on google and upload it to roblox…

Most decals that I find on ROBLOX, maybe im not searching hard enough, are all low quality and not for texture purposes. I’m trying to find high detailed textures people find on showcases, or how to make it… if that make sense, I’m not that experienced with textures so I’m trying to understand them.

If your looking for custom textures you could use - search up a ‘texture pack’ in the toolbox If you find textures that you like you always try to make them work or if your wanting to go for a better approach you could attempt to create your own based off off other textures created by other developers.

To create your own textures you could use different programs or software to make your own, such as gimp, paint.net, photoshop ect. For creating and approaching to make your own materials The dev forum has resources - tutorials for either making your own or using free texture here is something you could take a look at: texture sites

Hey! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a 3D Artist and a Graphic Designer on the platform. Well, this is a tricky question since you could already make your textures on any Software that let you do this! And there’s no excuse since there’s some good and free Software out there!

Anyway, another option could be to actually try to find some cool Texture sites that have already pre-made textures for your needs (some of this sites actually have a price for their textures!). There’s from normal and boring textures to even PBR Materials (Physically-Based Rendering)! And some of this sites have all of their textures for free!!!

Some of the sites I know are…

And some of the softwares I know to make textures are…

A Software from Adobe that let you import your meshes into this Software and add some textures! This one has already some pre-made samples with them you can play with the pre-made textures or paint your own! There’s some tutorials about this!

A Software developed under the workframe NET of Microsoft! This was primary a images editor software like Photoshop but there’s more possibilties to this awesome desktop app! Also, is free!

Software under the Adobe series, this is firstly a Images Edition Software! But now you can make a lot more, like Vector Designing, sprites for 2D games or even Game Design concepts! The limit is your imagination (cringe).

Anyway, there’s a lot more stuff and sites and even software out there! You just need to have in mind that you’ll have to waste some time learning how to use the software and how the Textures works in general!

This is all what I can to you, but I hope my tips and the resources I provided could help you on your amazing travel on the ROBLOX Platform!

Have a nice day / night or afternoon and keep the good job and motivation mate! Cya in the other side.

  • @Lil_SharkyBoy

There are high quality textures out there if you search. You can also get packs from the toolbox :slight_smile:

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