Where to start with gun animations and stuff

Basically i wanna make it so im always in first person (im pretty sure i can do this)
but i want it to be like both hands holding the gun and like shooting animation and reloading animations, ect.

So im wondering if anyone could link any posts / tutorials that deal with this


Thanks will look into this! :smile: :thumbsup:

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if you want first person ViewPortFrames is the best way to go too its used so the guns dont faze through the walls and it will look good

Is there any good tutorials that explain how to use this with tools and stuff?

Also went over it and theres alot of stuff that doesnt make sense to me, and alot of stuff is breaking even though i followed the tutorial


instead you should use “my” method:

  1. insert this into your tool
  2. make a r15 blocky rig via the built in plugin in studio
  3. duplicate your gun’s “Handle” part into that rig
  4. use moon animator’s easy weld and select the right hand, then the handle, then click join (not join in place) in the part tab of easy weld
  5. boom, its animatable, for the idle animation its priority should be “Movement”, the equip animation should be “Action”, so should the fire and reload animations

if you need help ill be available in a hour this was made in a rush so its probably gonna be hard to understnad
i will probably make this later but better in #resources:community-tutorials


Would love to see your tutorial, mate.

damn really getting the point across, i am going to take your advice, but im just a little curious, is it just because its really outdated or some other personal reason you hate headstackks method

viewportframes are good but they don’t take shadows into account so they will just look super dumb. this game Games Unite Testing Place - Roblox has a cool way of making a first person thing, they have their viewmodels super duper tiny and they can cframe it to your camera to look big without the guns fazing through the walls.

why don’t you like headstackks method though? the entire plus side of it was it puts the gun relative to your torso instead of relative to your right hand.

This allows animations using your right hand easier instead needing to reposition the gun every frame


(making things like the bolt pull of his awp way easier)

you can replace right hand/right arm with torso if you really want to

its outdated and hard to work with, i always see people asking why it doesn’t work and its hard to help them since, as i said, it’s hard to work with

kinda the same except images and better grammar