Which ROBLOX plugin is best for animation?

Ive been wondering what animation editor to use as i develop my skills in animation. :thinking:

Ever since ive started ive been using teh ROBLOX animator. Im comfortable with it and its easy to use (If you’re animating Idle animations and such)

But I also want to start animating custom characters and other models and the ROBLOX animator isn’t very good for that.

That brings me to a question ive had for awhile now: Which animator is the best and is easier to use throughout ROBLOX?

Ive tried moon animator for a bit, but I eventually got confused with it because It has so many options (Ive been using it for about a few weeks and i got some of it, but not enough of it to make decent animations. But that just may be me being a rookie animator… :sweat_smile:)

So, back to my question…

Which animation plugin/software (I dont really know the proper name) Is the best one?

This may vary with every animator, but I’m willing to try new plugins to see which one works! :smiley:

(Im also not sure which category this goes in…I would’ve used discussion as it seems logical but im not a regular. :sweat_smile:)


Moon animator is a good one. You should try it. Good luck.


The suggestion you left the OP already tried as it was rather confusing, but it could be used as a second attempt perhaps re-read the thread content before attempting to give a response. (cc: @SocialBerry)

There isn’t a best animation plugin nor software find one your more comfortable with if your more familiar using the default animation one i would stick with that one before jumping to other plugins or software (if your more of a beginner).

If your willing to learn the curves around different software you wish to choose i would try experimenting with using “Blender”, it’s a free open source for making animations if you ever wanted to step a bit further. You’ll learn the ropes around the software and workflow, there are thousands of open resources even tutorials available to help you along the process.

(Moon animation suit) is another plugin you could possibly check out it has some controls and tools that you’ll get a hang of it i’m assuming it’s similar to the moon animator plugin just experiment with variety of selections and see which one your more comfortable with.

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