Which thumbnail looks better?

Hey, I need some advice on which looks best. I personally think the first one looks best, but I would love to hear what you think aswell.



    • First thumbnail
    • Second thumbnail

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What is the product?

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RoStreams, I’d rather not discuss game details - but I am certain that both thumbnails explain the main concept of the game.


I get different expectations from each thumbnail.

The first thumbnail makes me interested in the content. I am personally curious about what is going on in those screens. Looks fun.

The second thumbnail looks more about the person, and involves a level of abstraction from actually streaming, and more about “being” and streamer.

Depending on what kind of experience your game is going for, you could go for either. It would be smart to set up the correct expectations for the game with the right thumbnail.


I like the first.

Why don’t you make a Poll?

It’s easier to keep track of and easier for people who are too lazy to type.

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How do I do that? xD

I’m new to the DevForums, I recently got invited into it lol

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It’s the gear button, the right most button inside of the drop down it will say “Build Poll”

There we go, I did it. Thanks haha

If you do vote for the 2nd thumbnail, please tell me why you chose that one over the 1st one, thanks!

The first one looks great but I feel as if the monitor’s displays should be different. Especially the middle one.

It won’t make sense right now, but it will later xD

It makes sense… I just wish you’d use a more attractive game on that monitor since it’s the first one people see. It’s a fun game and all but the build quality isn’t at the same level as other games or, as I’d assume, the game you’re making.

I guess, but yeah.

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They both look awesome

In a way, aren’t you basically advertising those games? What if players see them and think “I’d rather play that than this now!”

Based on the current Roblox rules, the first thumbnail would probably be rejected by moderation.

From Roblox Community Rules:


Agreed. When I make a thumbnail, I remove all visible text, regardless how big and visible it is. The only text seen on it is the 2D stuff added after.

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Fun fact - it didn’t! :wink:

It got accepted actually lol

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First one for sure.

The second one’s render quality and text quality aren’t that good. Look’s a tad bit weird with the R15 on as well.

Yeah, I just wanted to make sure.

The first one is the most recent one that we made, but the 2nd one was made like 6 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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