While Loops Problem

Hello Guys,
i’ve been having an annoying issue for along time. and its makes me waste alot of my time as well.
so the issue is when i ever use While Loops in roblox studio any kind of while loop its just crashes studio however is it with printing or without its just crashes for no reason?

If anyone have a clue for this please tell me ! its just waste my time and destroys the progress i make!

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Because you’re running an empty infinite loop, adding no wait() will make it crash.

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True i always add a wait(0.2) or more but the problem is when i check for an true value in like serious scripts its crashes even if i use wait()

Then why not update the thread for people to help you with that code, instead of an empty loop.

Most likely something is wrong with your code, that is making the game crash.

Also you can just use a .Changed on the BoolValue, if you’re using a bool value.

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Can you provide an example of that? Maybe you’re doing something wrong. As @WaterJamesPlough stated, you need a wait() if you’re just using an empty loop.