Whitelist functionality for text filtering

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to apply a whitelist of words to Roblox’s text filtering.

Many games have certain words applying within them that are filtered in Roblox. An example of this is shown in this post.
As another example, a year or two ago when I was clanning, some group names were filtered in chat - while this was annoying on the website, it had the most effect in-game.

If Roblox is able to address your issue, how would it improve your game and/or your development experience? Please be as specific as possible.

Adding some sort of solution to this will allow people to use words and abbreviations that are relevant to the game instead of having to find and/or implement complex workarounds.

A possible solution to this could be:


This obviously wouldn’t be feasible because of the reason you stated - people would abuse this more than it would be good for.

If you need something unfiltered, make a filter review request - otherwise, it needs to stay the way it is.

In your case, the issue is here:

Example: “SS hit” - which obviously could be seen as inappropriate is bypassed because the SS part isn’t put through the filter. This leads to filtering issues.