Who would be interested in a UI pack shop?

Hello, I’m Bylocks. I like to design UI graphics for peoples games in my free time. I previously worked on a free cartoon UI pack which I featured here:

I was contemplating setting up a “shop” in a sense. User Interface is a large part of the game development process. It is one of the first things a user sees when they join a game, whether that be a loading screen or a notification. It can be an appealing feature that persuades a user to purchase a product for robux within your game. For these reasons I really wanted to provide quality UI work that will help games stand out for a cheap price. Currently, there are people selling UI packages for over 100K robux. As a new or upcoming developer these numbers can seem outrageous. That is why I had this idea.

Examples of UI pack size to expect:

Here are the details of the packs that I had in mind
What the pack would include:

  • Basic YES/NO pop up
  • Leaderboard
  • 20 Assorted Buttons w/ Icons
  • Toolbar
  • Healthbar
  • Custom Dialog (for things like talking to NPC’s)
  • 3 Styles of Frames
  • Basic Header For Frame
  • 5 Assorted Button Shapes

There would be an assortment of packs ranging in different styles (cartoon, sci-fi, wooden, modern, etc.)

The price I had in mind for each pack would be either $15 or R$5K. The packs are not a one time purchase, they would be resold to any customer who would like one. The purpose is to give users a way to have quality UI within their game without paying large sums of money.

I wanted to get your opinion on whether you would see yourself interested in something like this?

  • Yes
  • No

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This is wonderful! I would definitely see myself buying it, I love the style of the snow UI pack and the design that you have chose, the cartoon Ui pack is also very impressive, though in my opinion, the snowy one is better. I don’t think there is anything I could suggest changing/adding because I don’t think there is anything! Keep it up and continue your wonderful work.


Would these UIs come as PSD files or actual Roblox UIs? I feel like the time and effort it takes to convert PSD files to Roblox UIs makes newer developers steer clear of the more advanced UI styles (using images) that I’ve been seeing more and more on the forums. If they’re PSD files, you could probably get way more sales if you went ahead and converted them to UIs and let devs know that they’re simpler to implement than most everyone else’s.


I personally wouldn’t buy a UI pack from someone because it’s something that I would want to make myself, but I’m sure that there are probably a lot of users out there that would love to start off with something like this. Keep up the great work!

You could probably bump the price a little more because of the complexity and time it took to create. Minimum wage is roughly $9-12 depending on where you live and if it took two hours to develop, you would be making less than minimum wage.


I voted no because if your planning to make UI’s anyway, you might as well do a custom design for a client. The only time I’d recommend selling anything pre-made is when you already have it complete. For example, most people probably don’t just make things when they are hired. They probably practice on their own a lot too, building up new methods and stuff. When you are practicing, I recommend still trying to make something unique so you can sell even what you make to practice.


After seeing the poll results to this point with 201/249 of you voting yes I have decided to take this to the next step. Here is a list of themes for the different UI packs I have in mind:

  • Cartoon
  • Modern
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy/RPG
  • Candy Cartoon
  • Medieval Cartoon
  • Wooden
  • Jungle, Nature
  • Steampunk

If you have any other ideas that would interest you, please reply below it will help a lot!


I have slowly, but surely, began work on the UI Shop! Thank you all for your feedback. Here is the very beginning mock-ups for the Cartoon Pack!



Would we get an aero UI theme? I want it transparent-see through type of UI.

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In the future for sure! I’m trying to get out the general UI themes right now, but after I will look into more specific themes.


These are very high quality and may consider buying some.

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I feel like this UI pack style has been long-gone since for a long time, simular to this but slightly different maybe
obviously not Windows 7 but theres one clue

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This is actually a good idea that i can see happening in the future. And may I say the price is also very good!

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Getting there with the first UI pack, sorry it is taking so long. Almost there, I have been busy as funny as it may seem with this quarantine.

Tomorrow… :eyes:
Capture Capture1

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Post updated!
" UPDATE: The First UI Pack Has Been Uploaded and is Available for Purchase!! "

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I’m alittle late to this however, I think this is a good idea as alot of people are looking for UI however you’d have to make sure atleast a majority of the assets used retain its authenticity.

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