Why are Release Notes released late?

This was something I think I noticed subconsciously, but I became aware of this issue today.
I realized we hadn’t received a release note lately, despite knowing Roblox tends to update on a weekly basis.

Today there were three release notes posted at the same time, catching ourselves up to the latest version of the game client as of this post (except for the mobile client which should be released next week if on schedule)

My concern is that this means our last release notes were posted about three weeks ago (these two were also posted around the same time instead of a regular interval)

When we have potentially breaking changes that are planned to occur soon, having these release notes is extremely important for developers to have to know if/when these types of changes can be live. Here are a few potentially breaking changes that we have seen in these last three releases or will see in the next three weeks:

As a developer, I would like to know when these types of updates are live from a single source of truth.

Having to catch up on almost a months worth of releases all at once is a lot to consume all at once.
Is there any chance that we can have these release notes be as regular as the releases themselves?


It’d be nice if they enabled chrome notifications for the release log so we could know immediately.


This is a bit annoying how we’ll go weeks without any new release notes.

The release notes that haven’t been posted in the forum are sometimes available in the developer website. The staff probably just wants to make sure that the updates are accurate since most of the developer website is automated …? :confused:

@LuaCow is a contractor working part-time while studying his final year at college. Doing release notes requires him to do an editorial pass over all of the notes to make sure they all generally make sense, but he’s also the main person working on the engineering of the DevHub, so he has to prioritize his work with school accordingly.

Ultimately as of right now, it’s his responsibility and choice to get them in on time, but he has to take care of important things first, as IX has limited resources. Although my part of the post is voluntarily, we’re both hoping to eventually automate our posts so that it’s always done at a normal weekly rate.

If there’s any information about client releases that you guys need, feel free to ask me, as I track this stuff religiously.


Unfortunately the best single source of truth you’re going to get for the time being is from announcement topics and posts on the DevForum, as FFlags are sometimes volatile as far as how they describe the context of changes being made.

You should check out fflag.eryn.io

On time this week!

EDIT: You still alive @LuaCow? We’ve missed a few weeks now.

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