Why can I hear sound from only one speaker

HI, the sound is in the inside of the part, and the part is inside the tool, the tool is in the right hand, but why can I hear the sound only with the right speaker, but I don’t hear it with the left, although if this sound is put inside the humanoid root part, then I hear it with both speakers

Do you have the Volumetric Sound beta enabled? It changes how audio works. Although I’m not sure if it’s the cause in this case. But if your camera is inside the part, it will play the audio as if it were coming from everywhere. If it’s outside, then it will come from the direction the part is. It doesn’t come from a single point though, it comes from the whole range and size of the part. The size of the part also determines the output.

I tried turning it on and off, same result.

Sorry for the bump. I’m having a similar issue with my rocket launch. I can only hear the sound when what would be my right or left ear is directly facing the emitter, otherwise it’s very faint.

I tried turning off VolumetricSound, didn’t work. Moving the emitter from an attachment to the rocket body to a part welded to the rocket? Didn’t work.

I don’t know what else to try or change, any help would be appreciated.

After disabling it and running the game in Studio several times, it appears to have inexplicably solved itself. For anyone else who may encounter the problem, try disabling it and testing the game several times, then enabling it again.

This may just be a Studio only bug, but because I don’t know how to reproduce it, I can’t say for sure.