Why can I walk through my model

Why can I walk through my model if can collide is true

That doesn’t make any sense and sounds like a bug.

CanCollide literally sets if something can collide with the surroundings or not, so if it’s disabled, it should not collide at all.

If it’s somehow not a bug, I’d suspect Collision Groups have to do something with this.


I can’t post it on bugs if it was a bug the thing is locked

You can use the post approval process which is outlined in detail in the rules that you had to have read to use the forums.


So I can post a bug on the bulletin board if so I will post a lot of bugs I came across of

As long as you go through the proper post approval process, yes.

Before reporting as a bug can you please provide more insight, please include a gif of you doing this is studio test and in game. Please display the amount of parts in the model.

Is it a union, or meshpart? Often in my experience, the ROBLOX engine slips up while calculating hitboxes on those, especially if they’re relatively complex in shape or geometry.


If your model consists of meshes, the mesh’s part may be small, while the mesh’s scale is still large.

If it’s full of unions, the collision settings might be a bit weird.

For next time, you should maybe send a gif of you walking through it, or a picture of the settings of the model, or just send the file of the model.

Good luck with getting this fixed

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Is it a mesh, a union, or just bricks? Because all of those act very differently.

Hey Noels!

If you’d like for us to help we’d love to see the physical model/the place it is in so we can confirm if it truly is a ROBLOX bug or a local error on your side.

I believe it has something to do with collision fidelity though.

Thanks, reply soon!

Its a grouo model with union and parts in it

Try uploading the model as a free model and then we can take a look for ourselves.

Ok i’ll do it when I get home.

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