Why can't I rank up?

I have been on the forum for around a month and a half but I am still just a member. I create posts a bit and read posts almost everyday. I would love to know what’s going on!

You need to go through post approval; which unfortunately you can’t right now until the forum does something to replace PA.

You can’t just rank up by reading and browsing.


You (and everyone else) just can’t. They removed the only system that could rank you up and aren’t going to add any replacement.

Go through post approval a multiple times as @QuackingDuckQuack said. Also stay active on the forum, make some posts and help others.

Dev forum isn’t a place for you to rank up or stat boosting, just be patient. Dev forum is a place for helping other developers in need.

You need post approval, but it has been removed, so there is no way currently.

BTW, the only way for members to get post approval (if it worked), is to make a discussion, sense bug categories are gone for members.

The promotions from Member to Regular and Regular to TC are on hold.

Wait until the PA replacement is ready.

People used to get promoted to Regular by doing the following:

  • Making contributive posts (iirc this was determined by the amount of likes)
  • Posting often in Platform Feedback (which was locked with PA) successfully
  • Being active on the forums
  • Having a clean moderation history

Even though it’s hard to be promoted 1 month after joining the forum, if you met the other criteria (might be mistaken, but I know another person who managed to do this) you could be promoted.

Since it’s no longer possible to be promoted, nobody can be promoted to Regular. Anyway, the contributions of a user under determined by their trust level.

Discussion used to be Regular-only, before that, yes it was locked with PA. Bug and feature request replies were recently locked for members because most of them didn’t add any significant information to the topics. Members used to be able to make feature requests and bug reports when PA was still a thing.

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As others have mentioned, promotions have been paused. But even if they were, a month and a half isn’t enough time to get promoted.

Post approval was the only way to rank up and it has been removed, so you can’t rank up