Why can't I write a feature request?

I think this is on the right category since is an issue with the forum itself.

So I wanted yo write a Website feature request: “Allow players to select why did they dislike our game”

I started writing the topic and suddenly noticed I couldn’t post a topic on that category. Why?

I know there are already feature request like this, but some are outdated and didn’t got ant atention

On this post it says’ “Every member of the forum can post here”.


That description was technically correct since members could post there but it would get redirected to post approval for further review. However post approval was removed in favor of a system completely implemented by devrel. Doesn’t look like devrel has shipped the implementation yet though.


So they need to update that topics. I had no idea about this

I’ve made a mention of it on Discord, hopefully it gets updated soon.

Well done on actually reading the guidelines! Most people don’t get this far. It’s unfortunate they’re spreading incorrect information though…


I wanted to become a Regular and need to know the guidelines as well as my house lol.

Yeah, it is pretty confusing to find the correct information or be a good member at the forum when the guidelines are outdated.

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I updated the category guidelines with the current restrictions until there’s a new system in place.