FYI on Post Approval review times and phasing out

EDIT: This is now live. Post Approval is no more.

Hi everyone, Post Approval is being phased out over the next 2 months. This means we are going to shut down the current flow in which TL1 users post bug reports and feature requests.

You may see severe delays on your requests during this time.

Reviews will definitely be processed in these date ranges, where we will try to clear out the whole backlog if we can with the remaining team:

  • Aug 01 - 02

  • Aug 29 - 30

  • Aug 31 - Sep 02 (Post Approval inbox was cleared out and archived requests will be locked)

Between these ranges, volunteers may respond to your requests as well, but it is not likely. Inbox will be scanned on a regular basis for urgent bug reports. If you want to improve the chance of your topic being approved, make sure it is descriptive enough and follows all posting guidelines.

Some topics may be processed on a hard yes/no basis (rather than getting a chance to make changes) to save on time and resources. Apologies for the inconvenience if this happens to you.

After Sep 01 it will no longer be possible to file new feature requests and bug reports as a TL1 (Member) user via the post approval workflow, until DevRel implements a new flow for handling feature requests and bug reports. This has been clearly discussed with DevRel, and we expect that they will have this done before September. If not, you should direct any feedback about not being able to file these kinds of topics to the DevRel team, since we won’t be able to handle them anymore.

Please note that we are not in any way responsible for developer feedback after Sep 01.

Note: We are not able to answer any questions about what the new feature request / bug report flow will look like, as this is entirely within DevRel’s responsibility and we are deliberately not involving ourselves with this work, since we are just volunteers.

(Please share this post with anyone wondering about the current state of Post Approval.)



Timeline moved forward a week, see adjusted dates for cutting off new post approval requests above.


Apologies for the spam we just approved like 120 new topics into Platform Feedback over the span of 2 hours lol


DevRel turned off TL1 ability to create new topics in Platform Feedback now. They will turn it back on once they have the new flow ready as described above.

If you have a problem with this make sure to give that feedback to DevRel, not to Community Editor / Sages.


If you need to report bugs in the mean-time, @BitwiseAndrea often plays Roblox games so feel free to join her and report the bug in the game chat, she’ll keep track of it

this is a joke but please do it


this explains so much…




If you have any open post approval requests with us please complete the feedback today, inbox will be locked down tomorrow-ish.


Post Approval is no more. Archived requests will be locked to prevent further replies.