Why Can't My Game Grow?

Hey everyone! I’ve been updating a game for the past year and it never seems to want to grow, any advertisement it gets only lasts for a bit of time before it goes back to its usual 50-100 player base. We’ve tried everything and the game refuses to grow.

If you could possibly suggest reasons the game won’t grow that’d be great!

Thanks for reading!


Have you tried advertising campaigns? Like advertising for a week, running an ad (ore more than on) every single day for a week or something? Or try out sponsors, they can also grow your game.

Another cause may be because although the game is not badly made, the idea just doesn’t seem very original. The game that you are taking inspiration from (Clash Royale (?)) is already a free game, so others may prefer their progress there instead.

Yes, i’ve tried everything.

Then why do games like imposter, or FFN but on roblox get popular.

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I imagine the usual 50 - 100 players are going to be the same people returning. I think the main issue is how easy the game is to understand and get used to for new players - especially younger players.

Personally, I think the UI is a bit too intrusive in the way that everything is coloured and bright in the tutorial, making it hard to know what to concentrate on. New players also don’t like having to read much text. I know you don’t have too much, but it could be clearer how the game functions. I have played Clash Royale, so I didn’t have much issue picking this up, however I can imagine the difficulty some might when there’s so many buttons that can be pressed.
Maybe consider blurring, greying out, or temporarily removing buttons for the tutorial as to not confuse players.

Also upon coming back to the lobby, you’re immediately thrown back into the tutorial. I’d suggest that the tutorial for selecting and equipping new troops should only show up when you open that menu (same for chest menu, etc.) - players will be smart or curious enough to click on these anyway, especially with the notification numbers on the buttons.

In the lobby, clicking the icons for troops at the bottom of your screen isn’t obvious with what it does. It removes them, but it’s not completely clear that’s what troops I have equipped - there’s no text saying that’s what it is. Maybe this should be on a separate menu.
I removed some, and then was generated new ones based on my collection. Instead of this, maybe a warning should come up telling me that I should review my equipped troops. This is nitpicking and isn’t too important for the new user experience, but knowing what it is at least would help new players.
Also, the equipping/unequipping process is a bit weird. It’d be nice to have to select a slot to replace in one go instead of clicking to unequip it, then clicking to equip the other.

I know from experience in Clash Royale that these 3 icons are the different battlefields, but it’s not clear as a new user. If the goal that I’m working towards isn’t clear, why should I bother trying to work for it?

The process of upgrading cards is tedious, having to click Upgrade, then Upgrade again, then Close, and then repeating that for however many times I can upgrade my cards (which is a lot sometimes). It’d be easier if it was just a single button I could keep pressing. Again a nitpick but helps the user experience (and so the new player experience too).

It’d also be nice to have a description of what your troops do when you hover over them in-game, so new players can try to work out which ones to use. Better/more clear animations would help with this a lot too.

I probably could’ve made this more concise, but I hope it helps you anyway. Consider yourself as a younger, new player, and try to see how your game might be confusing (since that’s usually the main factor). I like your game - it’s actually pretty fun. I think the main issue is just making things easier to understand.

And last thing, the issue isn’t originality. People might like both Clash Royale and Roblox, so they might think the combination is cool.


Thanks for your advice, i’ll try out some things and see if they work!

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i played your game before and it was Great! not sure why theres only 50 players usually. Perhaps it needs something BIG that would make players want to click on it. also to be honest when i played it kinda gets boring after 3 battles. try making something fun in it other than clicking on the ground, like maybe players can be Become Troops! I was in your discord before and i got payed from a suggestion :slight_smile: . Hopefully you can make it on the front page! Good Luck!


As a Roblox developer, it purely depends on two main factors (that I use completely different for others)

  • The quality

  • Using the algorithm

Now Roblox does in fact have a algorithm, not just for front page. Add tags, if not a tags person put the game’s name in the description a lot, it puts the game first on the search page, and advertise and sponsor as some people have ad blockers.


Like i’ve said before, i’ve done everything. Nothing has worked.

Maybe you should try to get in contact with a content creator? Try to make some deals?

The game is basically Clash Royale, I can tell its straight up based of off it.

I was confused when I first saw this game because I had left the thumbs down, now I know why.

In my opinion, the game is not fun.

This kind of game just is quite boring and why would you play this over something like Clash Royale?

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That’s your opinion of course, but it’s not really helping if you just say

How is it not fun? Developer’s can’t fix their game when people just say “oh, it’s not fun.”

Personally, I think the game is great, but I really think there should be a tutorial.

That is why I stated that it is my opinion, obviously people can have their own opinions but it is just my opinion.

Sorry if the message didn’t come across - I meant that saying “the game isn’t fun” and not stating why isn’t helping the developer improve.

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However I do not think the game is bad and I do not think the Developer can really improve what the game is about, underneath that text I said that people would just play Clash Royale because people will prefer to play Clash Royale rather than Blox Royale

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Then why do games like FFN and imposter do so well, you can get both games for free?

Different types of games, people like those games more. Just works like that :man_shrugging:

maybe try making the camera like eagle view where players can see easily, like Ronopoly, the game is boring in my opinion but to the target of players who you are aiming for are most likely want it to be like the target game you want it to be. maybe it’s not the advertisements, it could be the game that needs work.

How do I make it not boring then? Just saying “its boring” does not help me at all.

Same goes for you @CharlieValognas


I know, thats why i stated in my first post that players would want to do more than click on the floor. try giving the player more options to do. i already gave some suggestions i think to make it “Not Boring” but i cant give much more. im out of ideas, keep asking others for ideas, they may have some really great ones!

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