Why Did Roblox Give me a warning for uploading a model with an image?

This morning I was trying to upload my model to Roblox that I was working on yesterday so I can use it for my game. The model was an AK47 and the title of that model was call ak47 [Game Ready]. I got a warning a few minuets for supposedly uploading an inappropriate game image? I don’t understand how uploading a model with the automatic thumbnail image is considered inappropriate. I am afraid of uploading anything at this point because of these types of warnings.

Link to the model: ak47 [Game Ready] - Roblox

When uploading models to Roblox. Roblox has an automatic Thumbnail of the model. See here the thing that is confusing me. I don’t know what I am doing wrong quite honestly, I’m trying to make my game while uploading my assets to the game or experience, however you want to call it and Roblox moderates the thumbnail images. I am seriously scared about uploading anything at this point, what? I should start creating alt accounts and start uploading on there? Roblox needs to fix this ASAP. I know this isn’t going to do anything, but this is ridiculous, and i haven’t got a warning from Roblox till now, the other model thumbnails got moderated.

If you want to check out the game I’ll leave a link here. This is the game I’m trying to upload the assets in.
Project CODEX - Roblox [Game is still in ALPHA]

Let me ask you guys a question. Is this model or image inappropriate? (This is not the image that was uploaded with the model). This is what I uploaded.


Well, I don’t know why Roblox warn you about that. But, I think that the image is fine.


Exactly, I don’t know either. I sent them an email. Hopefully I will get a response. I think something is wrong with the “ThumbnailCamera”. that’s what I’m speculating. You should upload models without the thumbnail being moderated. It never happened before till recently. Very strange.



This is what I mean. I uploaded harmless models with autogenerated thumbnails and they get content deleted, but no warning? Except the AK47 one.

This may happen again when loading the weapon model

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Hm… I saw around 5 topics in past 2 days about guns images / models moderating and warning / ban. I think roblox updated their moderation. Not in best way.


2050: your account was terminated for uploading grass audio


Update: I just got an email, a very disappointing one stating that received a moderation action for uploading an image file to Roblox that violated the [Roblox Community Standards] “Illegal and Regulated Activities”. Are serious? So now we cant upload weaponry to Roblox? This is ridiculous.

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2022: you can’t upload guns to roblox because of “illegal activity”

@GamEditoPro Theres tons of guns in the toolbox, cant they just do a mass deletion of gun models like they did with audio? Apparently uploading gun models is “illegal activity”. So they will moderate new models instead of existing ones? Imagine trying to make an FPS game then get a warning.

Lots of images relating to guns got people warned/banned recently, I saw some on the devforum.

Not sure if you can do a lot about this, maybe try adding a ThumbnailCamera that looks away from the gun?

How do they expect people to create games now? imagine some kid trying to make an FPS game and he/she can’t find what he/she is looking for.?

Also want to include, how are people going to make FPS games now?

it could be an automatic moderation action, you should contact roblox support about this problem.

When roblox mentioned “improving” moderation at RDC, this is what they must have meant… complete opposite direction of their tone. The current state of moderation is sickening, and I’m tired of getting falsely banned by a bot instead of it sending it to a human to review.

This reminds me when I uploaded a soda tool called “Husky Grape”, harmless grape flavoured soda, yes? But of course the damn auto thumbnail rotated the soda can so the “G” in “Grape” was cut off, making it spell out something more… unsavoury.
Moderation (automated or not) frames you for something so it can fill some sort of quota I swear to heck. (Not really but you get it, moderation is a loose cannon.)

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The rules state that you can’t depict realistic modern firearms outside of in-game experiences.

You either:

  1. You uploaded an image of the model depicting a realistic gun.
  2. Your model thumbnail got moderated for depicting a realistic gun.

Model thumbnails are still images that go outside the scope of the experience. They can be viewed outside experiences and are therefore violating said rule. I recommend setting a custom camera for model thumbnails pointing elsewhere.

The moderation action in this case is correct and I recommend to read up on the Roblox Community Standards – Roblox Support.


I read the Roblox Community Standards. I didn’t upload the image, Roblox did it themselves, I only uploaded the model. There’s so many realistic weapon models in the toolbox, and how aren’t they getting moderated? How are new users going to create FPS games if Roblox going warn us for uploading our assets like this to Roblox? I’ve contacted Roblox Support to no avail. Still confused on how there are realistic weapons on Roblox if they aren’t aloud?

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Its crazy. Their whole community guidelines are confusing as heck, you can’t upload weaponry to the marketplace, because of illegal regulated good rule. My question is at the moment, how are young users going to create their own FPS games, when every weapon model has a blank frame to avoid getting warned or banned? “improving” moderation is a buzz word for them, its to get people excited, but really its for their benefit. I will have to save my models instead of uploading them for now on, till this is fixed.

This is all I got.