Why do my models look so different in Roblox Studio from Blender

Hey everyone, hopefully, one of you can help me…
I was modeling an armor for Roblox on blender, I usually use an image texture and just give it the colors I want it to have, I exported it like normally as an FBX with the image texture. However, when I import it to Roblox it looks nothing like it does on Blender.

Is there anything that I can do to make it look “better” on Roblox Studio? Should I just apply the colors on Studio so it lets me change the material it has?

this is what it looks like in blender.

But then when I put it in Roblox Studo it comes out like this.

roblox witcher

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The lighting systems are pretty different. One thing I’d try is going up to File > Studio Settings > Edit Quality Level > 21 while using Future or Shadow map lighting. This might make your model appear closer to the blender version.


Thank you so much! This literally fixed it, and now it looks good in any lighting mode. Thank you so much.


from what I can see as well is you have a matcap with cavity on in blender, and its highlighting the edges and creases a lot more than in roblox as is doesn’t support it. so if you were to take them off you get a better idea of what it will look like.

That being said matcap + cavity is like a perfect setup sometimes, so if only you could do it studio :pray: