Why does my character always go a bit higher when it's near other parts?

As I’ve mentioned in the title, the character always goes a bit up (basically floats) when I go near other models.

Here’s an example of how it behaves when it touches this desk.

Keep in mind I’ve used an invisible part to avoid any collisions with the actual model.
The drawer’s handles’ “CanCollide” box isn’t checked, that way they don’t act as a ladder.

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Assuming that by this you mean that CanCollide is set to false for the entire desk model and you’re using only one invisible block to simulate the collisions, I can understand your confusion. This interaction is very unexpected.

I’d suspect a part may have accidentally been set to collidable, an incorrect collision box may have been generated from a Union or the collidable block itself is short enough to allow the player to begin climbing it, giving the illusion that they are floating.

Does the same effect occur if you remove the desk entirely and only interact with the collidable block?


Typically in the past, when this happens for me it’s because there is a part you are colliding with located somewhere inside of a union you used to make the desk.

I would separate the desk and double check to make sure all of the parts you do not want to collide with the character are made non collidable.

If you did not use any unions (or meshes) I would double check the bricks you used as the “invisible” parts.

No, everything but the drawer’s handles are NonCollidable.
I’ve just tried to set the model to NonCollidable and then used an invisible block for collisions and it worked. Thank you!