Why does Roblox upload two images for decal assets

When you upload a Decal onto the Roblox, I am aware that two assets are created, a decal and an image why does it do this?

My theory is that the Game Client uses the image asset type since Shirts and Pants create two assets, a clothing item and an image

The reason it uses two assets for clothing is one is the item to buy, and the image is the texture that is mapped to the player.


This happens with mostly every asset, not just decals. Shirts and pants have their textures, as do hats and T-Shirts. Decals do it. Unions do it. Meshes do it four times (?); two for the mesh and two for the texture. Animations do this… I think?

You have the item in which you can possess and one for which the asset references when you plug in its Id. If you notice when you paste an Id from your inventory of an asset, the numbers beside “rbxassetid://num” are different from the numbers you pasted (https://www.roblox.com/catalogOrLibrary/assetid/name).

Yeah it’s an annoying system

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