Why is accepting pay for posting for others in bulletin board not allowed?

So you can post for other people, but you just can’t accept pay. But what is the difference? Why does it matter?

Isn’t it obvious? The forums aren’t designed to be an income generator. If people got paid to make posts, the quality of posts would plummet.

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I agree

I disagree here though. I am pretty sure if someone is being paid, they would make it look good. Though the only times I have ever posted in bulletin board was when you just dumped your posts there for further review from post approval so I really don’t care. I was just wondering

Transforming a learning resource into a potential source of income could potentially lead to users who want to join the DevForum only to monetise non-members with these paid posts. Becoming a site to directly profit from would go against the DevForum’s identity: a platform for sharing information.


The point of the Developer Forum is to connect developers together and share information. There is one thing for certain and that’s that the forums are not supposed to be used for making money. Paying people to make posts on the DevForum would not benefit the forum as it’d likely lead to people solely using the forum to make money, which is not what is supposed to be achieved by the forums.


The rule is written that way so that team members can post Bulletin Board topics on behalf of their team’s game/community without needing to own it (in case the owner of the game/community doesn’t have a forum membership).

This is a little outdated because of how easy it is to get forum membership now, but I don’t see a strong enough reason to change how this is worded.

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