Why is Experimental Mode Still An Option?

Really is no point into forcing filtering on a game that wasn’t made for filtering. Like all the older non-visitable ones.

Force filtering as in making them become FE?

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Nobody can play his game and he’s running ads.


Well, like I said earlier. In my eyes it’s a difficult choice to make but forcing games to push to the renovated FE will further protect roblox and it’s platform. In the end though I believe most games will switch over and be played in ample time.

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Well they kind of have to switch over in order to be playable. So yes. With exception of the very old games whose creators don’t play anymore.


Just a note “FilteringDisabled” isn’t the accurate term that describes Experimental Mode off. It is FilteringEnabled off, but most people refer to it as Experimental Mode.

This thread (which I originally read wrong, so ignore my first post haha) is where it’s at.

Roblox really botched this update and caused massive issues for many communities on the platform.


Thank you, Inhxled. I’ll adjust it.

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I agree completely. My friend, Tim’s, group got screwed over by the update so I completely understand.

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I’ve always supported the complete removal of Experimental Mode. I cannot see how a developer could create a serious and successful franchise, brand or game without working with FilteringEnabled.

Developers might not expand their knowledge or understanding if they don’t need to, and while at first they may be lost, it’d create the initiative and drive to learn how instead of relying on legacy/unreliable features.

I’d personally prefer if Roblox just completely disabled Experimental Mode all together.


I feel the same. As a side-note, I hate how they gave It a friendly name like experimental mode, so I’m gonna keep calling it FE.

It’s obvious that killing non FE games is a huge nono in Roblox’s eyes. So what they’ve done is disabled <13 access. This is fine on the surface, but irritates me when they tell us the reason.

Edit: The following is not a reason from Roblox.

For upcoming Roblox developers, experimental mode is currently too confusing and useless

Is a stupid reason. I fail to see how advanced firing a function with arguments and catching an event bound to that functionality across the client server boundry is. Roblox needs to move from thinking non FE makes game dev better. All it does is teach the wrong practices to the noobies. It takes more effort for them to make an amazing creation with well scripted components for you to then tell them that nobody under the age of 13 can play their game because they did it wrong.

Functions are a basic part of every programming language I know of. It should be one of the first things a programmer learns.

Roblox needs to make FE mandatory the same way they made smooth terrain mandatory. Remove it from game settings, (it shouldn’t be toggleable) deprecate the property under workspace, and force all new games to be FE. As for old games, they should have a large warning display in studio whenever the developer tries to edit telling them to convert their game, and that failure to do so will severely impact playability.

That’s my two cents on this.


Hopefully the whole message will send from this plane

I agree with both you and @byc14 . You both stated your points very well.

I completely agree. If others can’t play / use the features to a useful extent, why not just remove it completely? Well said.

It’s funny but I completely forgot about that. I remember playing on personal servers with classic terrain but never thought of that point. Thank you for bringing it up.


I feel like I should point out two things here:

  • Experimental mode isn’t FilteringEnabled. Experimental mode means you have FilteringEnabled off
  • Roblox never gave that as a reason for yesterday’s update (as far as I know). What you quoted there looks like the beginning of my post on removing experimental mode. The reason why I said experimental mode is confusing is explained in the thread.

I feel as if the entire conundrum is based on making roblox and it’s platform more secure in all places, over top of making anything more difficult.

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Their latest update hasn’t influenced my opinion on experimental mode. I’ve always thought it should go, but it never felt reasonable to suggest it.

Roblox should make their platform more secure (again, get rid of experimental mode). Preserving old games is only important from a nostalgic point of view, which really doesn’t matter.

If they get rid of experimental mode, at this point things would be less confusing. It doesn’t make sense for new developers to see this mode which basically can’t be used, only to find out it doesn’t even help them learn the mode they should be using

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Agreed, however currently I believe in Roblox’s eyes experiemental mode is a place for new developers to grow safely from exploitation.

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But they can just do that in regular ROBLOX.

In theory yes, however most don’t use FE when experimenting and thus exploitation can ruin the game and it’s surronding componets while possibly getting roblox in trouble.

Experimental mode isn’t useful for experimenting. Communicating between client and server using value objects won’t teach you how to use remotes.

It’s just a rock and a hard place right now for trying to create a safe testing enviorment and platform without setting developers back. I’m sure the Roblox team will find a just solution soon.