Why is my math not mathing

So I’m having a problem with, I’m assuming with math.exp. It keeps making my math equal to 100 (which is correct IF the level is set to 1, which is not) I checked my arguments to see if it was set to one or something but that wasn’t the case. Any Help will be appreciated!


You didn’t math enough. Needs more math. You need the math for the math of the math to complete the math with the math.

Serious answer (provided by AI)-

The Lua function math.exp(x) returns the value of e raised to the power of x. In other words, it returns the exponential value of x. For example, math.exp(1) returns the value of e (2.71828) raised to the power of 1 which is approximately 2.71828 1 2 3.

I think what I said here was completely relevant to the original topic. Remember people, think smarter and not harder, i.e. don’t over-complicate (GOA7) haha. I’ll explain why.

If you plug 1 into math.exp it’ll return this mess → 2.71828. If you input 2 into the function instead, it’ll return with this even bigger mess → 7.3890560989306495. Times that by 1.1 and you get this even bigger mess than the last 8.128961708823714. Now multiply that number by 90.9 and you get 739.68. Perhaps I mathed enough here and knew what I was talking about? I can’t believe I needed to explain this. :weary:


It seems like you didnt math enough here.

Thats Literally not what he is asking, and the AI response is not helpful here, so please provide relevant information.

You Arent Adding math.exp() to the Variable, because of that its instead firing it separately from said variable, thats why you are only getting 100, so probably tell the variable that its: x + e^y, or in code:

local formula = 90.901*(1.1) + math.exp(CurrentLvl)

(assuming you are adding, otherwise multiply it)


I’m trying to make this equation right here

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then in this case you would use the operator ^ for this so x^(e^y) would be what you want, otherwise you use math.pow() which would return the exact same result.

You could try a simpler route where you simply set the new max exp based upon the user’s level, like

local maxExp = currentLevel * 12
-- 1 * 12 = 12
-- 2 * 12 = 24
-- 3 * 12 = 36
-- etc

It’s a lot simpler and more readable. Takes out the fuss as well. Ez solution

Im only trying to do 10% of max in my case

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The operator works like a charm. Thank you!

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Do you mean in multiples of 10 above 100? If so, that should be fairly simple.

local maxExp = 100 + (currentLevel * 10)


No problem, haha. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best, unless you’re trying to be b i g b r a i n and show off to the ladies. :smirk:

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Wait that works too lol. Thanks for the insight!

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