Why is ZIndex's I capital?

Hey! In GuiObjects, Decals, and Textures; They have a property called ZIndex. Why is the I capital?

Thanks, WE

Because, it isn’t Zindex, it Z-Index. Z is a coordinate, like X Y Z

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But then, why is it for overlapping UI?

I dont know what you mean

Yea it is for rendering. What does Vector3 Z have to do anything with it?

Well if you increase the Z index the UI will move closer basically. Its hard to explain, but its used to order what UI show over each other.


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Think of it like this:
X: Right to left
Y: Top to bottom
Z: Front to back

UI (2d) is basically X and Y, right?
So ZIndex is to adjust what overlaps what and is technically front to back.

That’s why it is called Z Index.

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