Why Roblox removed Premium 450 R$?

450 R$ Plan is now missing

idk why roblox did that, the only one available now is 1,000 R$, Some people needs this plan back, and it is just me or what?

The Other plans are missing

even 2,000 R$, and others has been removed, does anyone know when it will come back?

The image

here’s what it looks like now:


my bad, its just me, tell me if you others have this bug too.


most likely a bug…

(it says 74.99 AED because I live in the UAE and I’m using an extension to change it)

though if you’re logged out, it would show all the options

(it’s dollars and i don’t know why)

also I suggest moving this to #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support (I know you didn’t use the devforums for a while because your account WardenFrew got hacked)

idk why roblox did that, look at the image that i added in this topic above

and btw what is the name of that chrome extension?

I think this is an issue that’s different for everyone. For me, I only have the option of 450 R$.

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oh, that’s weird, looks like a company is making roblox down, i only have the option of 1,000 R$ too.

one person get one two random premium subscriptions removed from their page, and I looked at it, also i noticed the “ج.م” thing which means الجنيه المصري in arabic, (which means Egyptian Pounds) also that extension is RoSeal, it has 40K downloads, you can block games, view it’s icon ID, and more, This is a video of where I got it

oh, i should install it now
idk if its safe

and the person you’re talking about is @SharkBL0X

I tried to install this but it shows me an error when i install it

it’s safe btw

and sharkblox lied to us in one of his videos

he showed an announcement from the unofficial discord server, and it’s just a tip, this is a comment from ValiantWind (the moderator for the unofficial server)

also he showed a safety recommendation from the server admins, and most of the comments are showing that it’s fake but somehow got 5K likes in the video


though I don’t know how to fix the error you’re getting, I don’t work for google :confused:

I am having this same problem, but I have a different option shown to me.


Roblox just got broken, the platform is now somewhat glitched.

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That’s the same option I have lol

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For me the Premium 1000 is the only one available, though I can confirm other plans (because I have the 2200) have not been auto-cancelled because of it and are still active.

This isn’t a bug though it seems like it, it has to do with roblox region-locking physical gift cards it seems like and I’m not exactly sure why they would need to remove premium options but i am sure It will be back soon. Roblox Premium 2200 purchase option is not showing up I made a post about it here so you can see its others having the issue as well.


I have the actual reason why

I sent a message to @Bug-Support and Focia19 told me that They are testing some package availability

I got a solution if you click on the option you have then select a payment method and edit the link you can have all the options.
example the 450 premium has a 480 at the end of the link and if you change it to 481 you get the 1k robux option and if you change it to 482 you get the 2.2k option

You can do this on PC to I’m just in bed

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