Roblox Premium 2200 purchase option is not showing up

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    I want to redeem my roblox premium 2200.
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    My roblox premium 2200 expired on April 20th since I had turned off recurring billing since I did not expect to buy it again. When I went to the page to buy it again, the only option that was there was to buy roblox premium 1000. The other option were labled as not available as shown in the following screenshot.

    I am on a windows laptop and I am unsure what to do.
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    I tried waiting thinking maybe if I waited some time afterward I would be able to purchase it however this did not work. I also tried going onto my account on another device and it still had the same result.

The roblox premium 450 option is also unavailable to be purchased, however when I went on my phone it was able to let me purchase it however not on any other device. I am unsure how to fix this issue or if I should contact roblox support about it. Please let me know if anyone has any solutions they can think of. Thank you


I think you clicked on the wrong button. It’s right here:

it’s even advertised.

Click “Premium” on the sidebar.

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Well that’s the thing… I know it should be there because I’ve bought it before but it isn’t. I clicked on the premium tab and when I scroll down the only option available is Premium 1000

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I am also experiencing this issue where only the Premium 1000 tier shows up:

This is not that critical for me since my plan isn’t impacted but it’d be nice to know what’s going on.


I’m from Norway, and I’m experiencing the same thing. However, only the $4.99 dollar show up, not the rest.

I believe this is a part of the new regional lock update, where it converts it to your local currency.


for me it’s only 2200



I read about that too and it would make sense since the dates for those are nearby, but it said that would release on the 24th and it still wouldn’t make sense to disable certain purchase options. And the update seems to be primarily seems to be directed towards those who aren’t living in the US of A (and I live in it) so it still does not make sense imo.


I have this bug too, I only get premium 1,000 R$, what a glitch, there’s no fix, just contact Roblox about that.

I contacted roblox support and got another generic response and they said “that option is not available to purchase at the moment” and when I asked when it would be back they replied with “that option is not available to purchase right now and customer support cannot specify when the pacakges will be available again.”

then there’s no solution, just wait after that, be sure to always check the plans available before you buy anything from the roblox store, unless it’s available.

So here is another topic about it. Why Roblox removed Premium 450 R$?.

It is odd because Like one of the replies says, if you log out you can see all of the subscription types, but when logged in, not all of them are visible. It is a problem for me because I was planning on getting a premium subscription, but now the option I wanted isn’t available. I live in the U.S. so supposedly they should all be available for me as Roblox is also centered in the U.S. I hope that this is fixed soon.

Yeah that is the same reason I made this post since I don’t know why they would restrict it in the country where their headquarters are.

First, it was ONLY 2200. Now, 2200 is GONE.

Do you think that somehow the location on our accounts is not set to the U.S. so that is why id does not show? I don’t remember if I ever changed my location when that option was available, but that may be the reason. I know of no way to tell; do you?

Here’s what it looks like in Australia. Only the 450/cheapest option is available.

Out of curiosity, here’s the link for the 450 premium: Roblox
For those of you who don’t have the 450 premium option available, does the link still work for you? If not, what does it do instead?

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Yeah, I tried that. It just redirects you to Roblox


I am facing the same issue, except the 2200 is the only purchasable option.

I just have to point out the fact that you said “it’s right here” while also showing that the A/B testing happening here restricting users to a single option in premium is also affecting you. Unfortunately and annoyingly I am limited to 1000/mo which means 10% less robux per dollar as well as inability to get 2200 robux within a single month subscription span of time.

I believe this is due to the country you live in or what contry your account is set in.

Still doesn’t explain why people living in the US of A would be restricted since we don’t have many limitations seeing as how roblox originates here.