Why Wont Textures Import On My Model When Importing To Studio?

Hey all,
Im having an issue with importing things to roblox studio.

  • I modeled a face mask and it had a simple gradient texture on it, and I was trying to import it to roblox studio it didnt have the texture I made. Im not sure if this has anything to do with it but I exported it as .obj then .fbx but neither had texure, I know that your able to import it without any texture then set the texture in the properties tab, but is there any way I can just import the mesh with texture without having to do it manually?

I think you need to upload the texture to roblox seperatly as a decal

If you did it with blender, im afraid to tell you that the textures sometimes doesn´t import to roblox.
The only solution is that you have to recreate that texture and import it as a decal to roblox.

Go to game explorer click images then click the image you want to upload then go to the toolbox click my images then right click select get image Id then paste it into a texture or decal

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Ah so there is no way to import the mesh with texture? I’ll have to do it manually like that

I have had the same problem before but this post has really helped me! :slight_smile: [BLENDER 2.79] Proper way to UV-Unwrap your mesh and export w/ texture


thank you! this really helped me :smile:

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No problem but @ayyziloo deserves all the credit! :grin:

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