Why your Roblox game isn't popular

I’ve searched the forum multiple times before posting and didn’t find any articles that pertain to this. Just a heads up. Their is articles asking why is my game not popular as a question, not as a guide to why.

Edit: Thank you guys so much for the love :kissing_heart:! I really appreciate the support and the fact I can help people out with this!

So how do you know if a Roblox game is popular? What does popular mean? Well we know that a popular roblox game is one that has a lot of concurrent players, it is on the front page, it is making a lot of robux, and it is commonly known and talked about throughout the Roblox community. Popular can be interpreted in different ways but these are ways we can describe a popular game on roblox. Well what are these games doing to get these factors and what is in these games that aren’t in yours?

Note: This is all completely reasonable opinion based research and study of games that pertain as popular. There is obviously more reasons but I feel like these one’s create a separation between a popular game and a game that is just there.

Disclaimer: I have never created a game I can consider popular but, I have spent a great amount of time studying Roblox most popular games to deliver a pretty good guide.

Reason 1: Your game doesn’t have a goal to it

So the first problem that people make when creating a Roblox game is that the game doesn’t have a GOAL to it. This one is a big one because who would want to play a game that doesn’t have a point or a goal? If you look at Adopt me, what is the goal of it? The goal is to Raise a pet for money to buy new houses, eggs, cars and more. What is the goal of Piggy? Find clues and keys to escape a map with a storyline, you can get tokens to buy new Piggy skins. What is the point of Jailbreak? Rob stores to get cash, use that cash to buy new cars, weapons, customization for cars, and so much more! You see every single game I mentioned has a goal or purpose to play the game for countless hours and spend all your money on it. So think about it: what is the goal or purpose of your roblox game? Do you even have one in the first place? If not you are going to need some kind of purpose if you want your game to be popular.

Reason 2: Your game is BEATABLE

Now the SECOND problem developers make when trying to make a game popular on Roblox is that your game is BEATABLE. When I say beatable I don’t mean a certain aspect of a game Take Jailbreak as a superb example, you can beat the fact that you’ve bought all the cars, but you can know for a FACT Badimo is going to throw in a new vehicle, you can have 1 Billion coins like Lia but you will never beat the fact you will NEVER get arrested again. So what I mean by beatable is that the game in ENTIRETY Is beatable. The perfect example of this and @Alvin_Blox also points this out in his video as well, which you must check out! But as I was saying, a good example of this is a Tycoon or an Obby. When you complete a Tycoon, are you REALLY going to try and go back and complete the Tycoon again? Most likely NOT. When you complete an Obby at whole, are you going to try and waste your time to complete it again, NO. This is why it is super important to add NEW content to your game which prevents it from becoming beatable. Like Super Mega Obby, you can play it but when you get to the final stage, the developers throw in like another 500 stages therefore making the game impossible to complete which brings the players back! So you do not want your game to be a game where it is one and down where no new features or obby stages come out. This will keep your concurrent player level low and result in a small amount of “Popularity points”

Reason 3: Your game is pay to win

If you are clogging your game with Rainbow carpets for 2000 R$, Infinite health game passes for 20000 R$, 10x speed game passes for $5000R. I can officially tell you that your game is PAY TO WIN. What does pay to win mean anyways? Well it is a term of explaining that your game has purchases that gives the person that buys this product a substantial advantage over other players in the game. Pay to win games normally create an infamy upon your game and makes it less popular.

When it comes to game passes you want to make sure you are doing it the RIGHT way which means that you are offering AFFORDABLE advantages to players that create a boost not a deficit. For example take Jailbreak, I think they might’ve changed their system of bigger bag game passes to tiers but I’ve already quit jailbreak a while ago after I got my 11k bounty taken by an auto arrester exploiter for the 10 time :laughing: . But back to what I was saying about the Bigger Bag game pass. It gives players a BOOST in making cash because in jailbreak making cash and grinding to 1 mil isn’t hard at all in 1 hour you can easily make 100k with criminals and more if you find some juicy bounty server. The game is designed to work like that, not coincidentally it just all of a sudden happened. The Bigger bag just makes it easier to get cash. So if you’re game is hard enough already like an obby and you are throwing in Infinite health game passes you are creating a deficit for other players because your game is already has something that will make it hard, now adding some kind of expensive game pass that will make it 10x harder creates a huge deficit to your player base and not a boost.


So guys I think these 3 reasons are a great diagnosis or at least a great start to fixing your roblox game. If you are aspiring to get your game popular or front page and your game has 1,2, or all 3 of the reasons, you must fix this as it can really stop your game from being the best it could be. If you have friends as well who you know won’t listen to you when you point out these mistakes share this article to them or anybody else you know has trouble with these mistakes. If their is any other reasons let me know in the thread :smiley:

Useful Resources

How to Make a Front Page Roblox Game - YouTube This video was made by @UseCode_Tap

How to get FRONT PAGE on Roblox - YouTube Made by @Alvin_Blox

Monetisation 101: How to effectively generate revenue in your Roblox Game - Resources / Community Tutorials - Roblox Developer Forum - Amazing tutorial on how to effectivley Monetise without becoming p2w.

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Again, there is ton of reasons why your game might not be popular. If you have anymore ideas, make sure to let me know :smiley:


Good but short post! My current game that I’m developing should fit in all of those reasons (I can answer questions if anyone has any), but given it’s still in heavy development, I can now keep these in mind. Thanks!


I am glad that you were able find this post relatable to what you are working on! Thank you for reading and good luck on developing!


xxmamaDUBZxx :heart:


Rather than focusing on keeping a game relevant and working on its longevity, you may way to look at a game’s launch or start.
Without being able to reach the public and find yourself a good and vast audience, there’s no reason for a Developer to even consider thinking ahead and planning out how to maintain the game as well as its players in the long run.

Getting your game out there is most likely your first big obstacle which many Developers - especially the newer ones - aren’t always able to do. Reasons why Developers aren’t able to disclose their game are, among others, Roblox’ current game discovery; the developer lacking connections with famous fames in the community or big community servers in general; and simply an insufficient amount of money to get their game started through the current sponsorship and advertisements as well.

All in all, not being able to get your game out there for the big public to see might be the biggest reason as to why your game isn’t popular in the first place.

p.s. The points mentioned in the first post are still valid and do play an important role when trying to keep the game relevant and maintaining its longevity.


Well said here, Nowadays it is very difficult trying to get your game out there if you don’t have much funds as well you have a lot of other games that are VERY big making it very small to impossible to actually getting your game out their. I feel Roblox needs to have some kind of section where you can check out games that are new and freshly starting out. In the future I was planning on making a tutorial as well on getting your roblox game out there as it is key to start assessing on how you can get your game out there before you worry about popularity of your game. This post I tried to steer it towards an audience that has already kind of have their game rolling and it has a few players but it still isn’t popular amongst other games. But in the future It is possible I will make a tutorial on getting your first game out their and noticed

Thanks for reading,

xxmamaDUBZxx :heart:


All good points, but I think it’s important for people to accept that your game may not wind up being popular no matter what you do. There are currently (rough estimate here) sixty-three bagillion games for Roblox users to play. Standing out in that vast ocean isn’t guarannteed to be easy no matter what you do, especially if you don’t have the $$ to promote said game. I’ve seen games (not just in Roblox) go for ages with only minimal players and then one day, it just takes off. I’ve also seen great games that never seem to catch on. Sometimes, it really does come down to luck. If you’re in this strictly for the R$, chances are high you are going to be disappointed. Not every game is going to be popular because if they were all popular, then none of them would be. :slight_smile:


i feel like the pay to win is a bit false, most tycoons and simulators are pay to win with op weapon gamepasses, along with games like Miner haven giving people who pay more better droppers and upgraders. Also keep in mind that games should only be popular in their own communities, suchs as trains games being popular with people who like trains, tycoons with tycoon players, roleplay with roleplay, etc etc. A popular game doesnt need to be on the front page, there are hundreds of games that dont have front page status that have fair gameplay, such as cube defense, RSCR, NEC, and more.


This is a key reason why most simulators and tycoons do not stand out or very popular. You have simulators such as Bubble gum simulator, Bee swarm simulator, etc. which are simulators that have goals, aren’t pay to win, and really isn’t beatable. This is why these games are popular and stand out on Roblox. If you go play a tycoon or a unoriginal simulator like a tapping and clicking simulator and tell your friends you played a tapping simulator, or a Super hero tycoon and sure enough the answer you would get is “Which one?” . Again this post was reasonable opinion base reasons, anyone can think either way

That defeats the purpose of this post. I am going over why your Roblox game isn’t popular on Roblox as a WHOLE not just in specific communities. What you are saying is completely true and understandable, but I am not focusing on popularity pertained in a community, I am talking about popularity on the Roblox platform as a WHOLE


My game currently has none of those problems. Should I get ready to advertise?


Big up for the information man :+1:


I know that this kinda random but I feel like I should mention it.

Instead of saying “Beatable” I think Replayability is a better word choice for it. Nonetheless, you made some great points.

Good job.


This all comes down to how you feel, If you believe that this is a great and the right time to start advertising your game, then you should go ahead and do it. All I can tell you is that never advertise your worst works. Make sure the game is the best you feel it can possibly be and if you think that it is worth and ready to advertise, go for it!

Yes! That is a better way to describe it. I think it’s a very good way to describe this and don’t think it’s random at all. Thanks! :heart:


Good and interesting tutorial, just have a question: Why do you wrote in caps if you could just write the important points in bold? It‘s just a question, else it‘s good.

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Before posting this on the forum I wrote it in a separate word document. It was bold on the document but when I pasted into here it went back to regular text and I was too lazy to put it back into bolded words lol.


I sorta disagree with the point being that the game being beatable is a reason why a Roblox game isn’t popular. I could name a lot of games that are beatable, such as JRPGs, but provide a lot of replayability. This is because said games have incentive that encourages the player to rebeat the game. This is something that I’ve yet to encounter within Roblox games, and ultimately should be something that should most certainly be accounted for.

This does not relate to the point I am giving. If a game is giving an incentive to being played again like 2x amount of coins for restarting the game, this is different from where you beat a game entirely and don’t get anything after it. The point you are giving a solid and valid point but again I am explaining what happens when you beat a game and nothing comes after it. Not giving an incentive to beating the game which could have some kind of replayabilty factor to it.

Currently I’m making a rising lava and I’m going to advertise
I don’t know how to make a shop

Very random, but I love it. Keep up the epic work! :smiley: