Widespread Publishing Error Affecting Most Games

Cant upload decals now

This is happening to me as well, started about an hour ago, same as in OP statement.

Having the same issue as OP. Also not able to upload audios / decals

I can’t publish/upload nothing at all now. Is this critical?

Yeah, might consider ROBLOXCRITICAL?


Unfortunately not ROBLOXCRITICAL. Remember you can see the guidelines here whenever you’re unsure:

This does not define as a fatal error as Studio does not crash or shut down unexpectedly, it’s just that the external services are refusing the requests. (Moreover, sometimes it is possible to publish or for certain users, so it does not occur 100% of the time)

If you would like to suggest changes to the critical guidelines please make a dedicated post for this in the #inception-forum category where such discussion is appropriate.


We’re actively working on resolving this. Apologies for the inconveniences.


Yeah this is happening to me as well. I was starting to contemplate it was due to the fact that I had too many scripts/parts in my place (as mentioned on the support site), but then I found this post, ha ha.

This is not the first time that ROBLOXCRITICAL does not apply to a bug that is preventing developers from editing and updating their games.

ROBLOXCRITICAL should be changed to incorporate bugs which prevent a substantive percentage of developers from editing their own creations.


If you’re experiencing a particular issue with the Physics engine, I recommend you report it here. Roblox engineers have made great progress in improving it lately and they are looking for further feedback.

That being said, lets try to keep this thread on-topic.

I can confirm that I’m having the same issue.

I appreciate how quickly the engineering team responded, hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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For me when I am able to publish (very rarely) it does, but it does not update the game when you try to play it normally. Only the studio version is updated.

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Same error showing up for me. Happens on every attempt. I’m supposed to roll out an update for my game, so hopefully this is resolved quickly.

Isn’t this serious enough for robloxcritical? @SteadyOn

It’s not 100% of the time and it doesn’t result in studio closing, so sadly it’s not. Also there’s not much point in it now as the engineering team are aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

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It’s working for me now but I’ll wait for official comment before marking a solution.


Started working for me as well.

started working for me too

Good on my end now

It’s working for me now :smile: