Will a game be taken down if users use inappropriate bypassed decal IDs?

In a game I am working on we are adding a gang system that functions similarly to a group in Roblox, however we are unsure about potential moderation action that could occur due to abuse of this system.

If a user was to create a gang, and the decal ID they use is bypassed, could the game get taken down?

These decals would be visible to other players from a UI.


Roblox has a spray-paint gear that you can buy which uses decal ids so I think you might be safe.
I haven’t used it in a while so Roblox might’ve changed it.

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I would recommend adding in a report system to your game or a way to manage the decals being used. For example you could use a report system similar to what the Devforum uses where if enough people flag it, it will temporarily be hidden until a moderator reviews it. Or you could have a system where when a new decal is used it will not show until you or one of your moderators review and approve the decal.


Confirm that the Decal is free to take (don’t just display any decal) and then you should be okay. It’s similar to using free to take sounds and free to take meshes etc. It’s roblox’s job to do the moderation on the asset and take action on the asset owner.


A similar problem was addressed in the past regarding music IDs. For custom IDs in general I’d recommend having it pass through a moderation system as Roblox’s moderation service isn’t the best so accidents can easily occur on their end.

Example of what you could do:

  • Have each ID sent for approval into a discord server, basing it on your own judgement you could than approve or deny it.
  • If it’s denied than add the ID into a blacklist to discourage misuse of the feature and report the ID + user abusing the feature directly to Roblox.
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Would be nice, and would be ethical, but is not necessary.

If a decal is approved and free to use just assume roblox is saying its safe to use, if it is not appropriate for roblox, then it is something to be resolved between the offender and roblox, not you.

There are a lot of games with similar systems which have not been taken down.

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Pretty sure not because, look at Snakeworl’s “The Streets”…

I can agree, I’ve played The Streets and I’ve seen many bypassed decals.

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