Will I get a copyright strike for using an edited image?

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if you would get a copyright strike for using this image in my game (not for personal use).

It is an edited version of a currently owned image.

First image: original
Second image: edited version I hope to use.



I actually don’t know but I hope you get your answer, the best advice I can offer is to use original work, don’t risk it man its better to avoid getting into these situations as sometimes no one can offer answers, gl anyways.

This should be fine as it is a very simple image, although if it were me I’d make my own since it looks easy to make a similar image.

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Wait so would it be less likely to get banned for using the original?

Probably what I will do, thanks for your feedback.

lol I’m saying its better to use your own work, you’re more likely to recieve a copyright strike for that.

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If you have edited it, go ahead & try importing. As long as you don’t put any @ signs or .com etc., it should be fine.

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