Will I have to manually remove functions connected to an object when it is destroyed?

If I connect, a function to the property, e.g. Touched of an object:


… and at some point, I destroy this object: MyPart:Destroy()

… is this connection automatically removed by the Engine?
Or should I worry about manually removing this connection before destroying the object?

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The function will not be ‘removed’, so to speak, however there will be nothing to send the Touched signal, so you won’t need to worry about it.

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I see, but technically speaking, if I have 1000 objects created and then destroyed, will there be 1000 functions taking up memory or processing, somehow hurting the game’s performance?

When a part gets destroyed, all event connections to that part are also disconnected automatically


Only the one lambda function is defined.

Additionally, a destroyed instances connections are automatically disconnected.


If connections gets spammed, there will be so much lag…