Hey there! My name is WilliamLegacy or you may have seen me as William_Rensselaer and I’m a GFX artist and somewhat a builder. I’m fairly new to making GFX. I use Blender and Photoshop. I specialize in MIlitary GFX but is more than willing to try out something else. My GFXs usually take about one day [Depends on the quality]

*COMMISION STATUS: OPEN :white_check_mark:


Game Icons/Group Icons



As I’m a student I am mostly availble on the weekends, but I’m nearly always online on discord for any questions.

Robux/Group funds

ADS - 800 :robux_gold:
Game Icons - 900 :robux_gold:
Thumbnails - 1500 :robux_gold:
Group Logos - 900 :robux_gold:


If the GFX you are wanting is very complex I may charge a bit more. Prices are negotiable,I usually only accept group funds. I prefer being paid 50% before making it and the other 50% when I’m done. But it’s fully negotiable.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord at William.#1281
Thanks for reading!


As a gfx designer for about 8 months now, I have to say you have really good quality for just starting up! I wish many sales to you in the future!


William is definitely someone I would recommend dealing with. He’s incredibly kind and works with his clients which is a big help, all for one affordable price!

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Hello, I am interested in one of your works, please accept me on Discord. MaxFlubber # 7762

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Hello! can ya add me to discord? RGM#0001

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Hello, I sent a a friend request! Hope you are still commissioning. :slight_smile:

Hello, are you able to create SCP logos?

i bought GFX’s, very good quality, they are delivered quickly and they are cheap! totally recommended.

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Updated Prices.
Added 1 Thumbnail.

Added 1 Group Icon.

Added 1 Game Icon.


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Wow, really great job, keep it up!

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William is a very good GFX designer who made a really awesome AD for my group.
Extremely proud and impressed and I totally recommend this guy!

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I have now switched name to WilliamLegacy
Name before: William_Rensselaer
Name After: WilliamLegacy

Added 1 Icon

Mmmm that seems understandable, I’m losing motivation to animate but I continue still. I know I will get better at it and it does get rewarding when you just finish something. Maybe one day you will come back, I don’t have a clue. Good bye :wave: and let’s hope your future goes well.