Withdrawning a post will not delete/hide content of post

When deleting (trying at least) a post, it will continue to show the post, not hiding the content of it, and after a while, it will still show the post up and clean.

Yes I am sorry for the off-topic post.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Post something, anywhere.
  2. Delete it.

This started happening 1-2 weeks ago.


is this still a thing? is this still here?

Was able to reproduce on windows 10, using google chrome(Version 93.0.4577.82). I tried deleting one of my posts, and it showed the “undelete” button as if it had been deleted, yet it wasn’t.

i have this same issue too. i was trying to delete one of my off topic replies in a topic and it refuses to delete it and hide the content like it should be. hope this probably gets fixed soon

it currently is right now, despite me not being able to delete one of my replies at this moment

The bug is also reported in this topic.

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Closing as duplicate of thread above