Won't allow clothing to be put on sale despite being Premium

For some reason it won’t allow me to put any clothing on-sale yet I am Premium. This has been going on for a few days now and I’m not entirely sure why. I still have my other Premium perks, i.e. DevEx and joining/creating groups, but I am unable to put any clothing piece on-sale.


Edit for further clarification:


Can’t confirm. I’ve asked my friend to do the same, and it worked for him, do you think it’s something in particular that made this happen?

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It could be that I cancelled my renewal? But that shouldn’t affect it as far as things go. I still have my other perks, and this hasn’t happened before when I’ve cancelled my renewal.

By their own words, I should still be able to sell items even if I have cancelled renewal.


It likely is due to renewal, or it’s been fixed.

I’m able to put clothing on sale.

It shouldn’t happen because renewal was cancelled, though. It clearly states that all benefits will stay until expiration of the membership, even if renew was cancelled.


This could be a code error with renewals, or something targeted at the user or asset.

Is the clothing item belonging to a group or your user?

I’ve tried both, same result. Not entirely sure what is causing it.


Quick update: It allows me to create clothing, i.e. a shirt, but it still will not let me put it on-sale still.


We’re currently looking into this issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Thank you. Any updates on the situation? A good portion of my income comes from clothing sales and I don’t even have that right now.

I’d try to relog and see if that solves anything

No, that did nothing. The issue is on their end.

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It’s still going on for me right now, but I found out that it only happens to people that cancelled their renewal, because as of now, everyone I know that has premium, but has cancelled recurring, cannot sell any shirts or anything.

Same with me, idk whats going on,unable to sell things for 3 days so far

I hope this is fixed soon has now 4 days without me being able to sell any of my products like clothes, This will affect many and even some where they look a lot of income due to this, I understand the roblox staff team are working there very best at this, I just request a update from the team.

Tank you again.

Have a same problem, i cancelled my renewal and now i can’t put anything for sale.

I’m not sure if this is related or not because I have lifetime premium membership but I can’t put anything on sale. Not even gamepasses. I tried making someone else a developer in my group to try it out and he also couldn’t put stuff on sale.

EDIT: This issue originated from having too much stuff on sale, the error message was too broad and thus I didn’t know what the issue was.


I cancelled my premium subscription and it worked before. Im assuming its something with the cancellation code allowing you to sell stuff until end of membership.

Anything new on the problem ? Because its really embarassing because i want to make new clothes but i cant’

Any updates yet? As this has been a problem for quite a while now and it’s not fixed yet.

It’s also becoming kind of frustrating as I got this Premium membership because I wanted to try and make a clothing group for fun, and I can’t because of a glitch, and my membership ends soon.

Edit: It’s fixed now.