Working on a Visual Scripting game! [unnamed right now]

Warning: there is no visual scripting yet, I’ll try to take the engine from my visual scripting plugin BlockLua

Hello developers!
I’m working on a game where you will be able to make your own little games inside the game, using only visual scripting.


Roblox Studio’s feature set and UI might be confusing for young and new developers, so my goal is to make the game’s UI as simple and friendly as possible.
Also, the game would be free to play so basically there will be no paywall anymore (like for my plugins)

Some progress

Well, I’ve only worked on the map and some UI. Basically you’ll get a plot where you can build your own little world (like in Obby Creator) and also script it with visual scripting. Of course there will be limitations to prevent malicious scripts but I already have plans for that.
So, here’s a video of the progress so far:
Unnamed project - Devlog 1 - YouTube

What I plan to achieve

Here is a screenshot of my plugin:
I want to achieve sth like this in the game, but more simple and it would look way more similar to Scratch

Are you interested?

Tell me if you would like to be tagged in future devlogs! I want to release the game in some kind of Early Access by the end of this month.

For the people who own any of my plugins: Anyone who owns either EventBlocks or BlockLua will get some sort of benefit inside the game (larger scripts, higher part limit, sth along these lines)


Ooh… Feels like a good quality amazing game coming out soon, Would love it if I was updated about your progress!


Thank you! You’ll be tagged in the next devlog


This totally better than messy RetroStudio. I’ll play this TOTALLY when it gets released


Thank you! I’m working on the game at the moment :wink: Facing some difficulties but so far I managed to solve every problem I’ve faced.