Workspace Mirroring (ViewportFrame.UseWorkspace?)

This post is (almost) a bump of this post, but I’m creating a new post due to the last activity being 5 years ago.

I’d love to see Roblox implement some sort of property to ViewportFrames that allow them to mirror the workspace itself. While it’s possible to clone the workspace into a ViewportFrame, it’s not the most efficient way to do this, as well as inconvenient to have to sync characters into ViewportFrames.

There are many use cases for this; here’s a few:

  • Live camera viewfinders
  • Previews of spawn areas for a spawn-selection UI
  • CCTV - Live feed of what’s going on in the server
  • Mirrors - Inverting the player’s current camera to display a mirrored image
  • TVs/cinemas - players can act in a studio somewhere and have their performance broadcast across multiple ViewportFrames across the server
  • Fake “windows,” for games like Adopt Me or Meep City, where the interior of a building is not inside the exterior model, a live feed of what’s going on inside can be shown
  • Portals - show the destination in real-time without cloning it into a ViewportFrame
  • Partial blurring of the game viewport (and selective application of post-processing effects)
  • Split screen mode for local co-op
  • Event feeds (see Sims screenshot below)

Example of what could be achieved with workspace mirroring:

This one wasn’t a live feed, but the concept is there.

In the original Sims, you used to get a pop-up window when something happened.

This property would allow you to position a camera somewhere else in the world, and have any current activity mirrored in real-time, rather than having to script a somewhat complex mirroring script ourselves.


There is a very similar (and in my opinion superior) feature request.

Limiting this to Workspace instead of any Model/WorldRoot doesn’t make much sense.


Ah! I didn’t see that one. I actually searched for “CameraFrame” when I created this. Yes, that’d be perfect!


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