workspace:GetServerTimeNow() is messed up when called in parallel

I noticed my ocean is completely messed up whenever i use workspace:Getservertimenow() in parallel



Expected behavior

I expect my ocean to behave correctly whenever i use workspace:Getservertimenow() in parallel

– Edit i noticed the same thing occurs to even though yesterday used to work fine when i had the same issue with workspace:getservertimenow()

You should provide more information on how your ocean actually works. Or, even better, you should link a simple repro file with the issue. There’s no way to tell how you are using it.

Hi @rickje139

As @bluebxrrybot said, we would need more information to help in the investigation!
Therefore, please use this guide to have a better idea of what else you can provide!

Thank you!

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I figured out it had nothing to do with workspace:getservertimenow(), it had to do with parallel lua somehow messing up the order of a table when getchildren() is used in parallel.

It took a really long time to find the cause and i really thought it had to do with getservertimenow() since it appeared to show the same results whenever i swapped the lines yesterday and today until i posted this.

I couldn’t post a demo since it would have to include the entire script with 1400 lines of code because its working in an unique way.

Im sorry for the confusion and please delete this post if possible.