Would donation sites (e.g. Ko-Fi or Patreon) be allowed?

(I am awfully sorry if this is in the wrong category)
Would advertising a site like Ko-Fi be allowed on the Roblox website, as long as no in-game benefits would be granted in the game? I have asked unofficial developer servers and they have said no, and Roblox Support has said that they are unsure. I don’t really want to just wing it and risk an account suspension, so I just want to ask a bigger audience before hand.


Wouldn’t this fall under the rules of not linking to off site websites except for the few whitelisted?

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I’m not entirely sure myself, I didn’t even know there was a rule of not linking external sites personally

Im assuming you can’t because it is technically advertising on a website (devforum) without permission.

“Offsite website links, services, and additional 3rd party content are not permitted on Roblox with the following exceptions: YouTube, Twitter, Twitch.”

This is part of the Roblox community rules which is part of the Roblox TOS.

As others have already pointed out, its against the TOS HOWEVER
There is a grey line (in my opinion) about how the rule is put in place.

Personally that sounds rather vague, and with Discord not being on that list yet being allowed as a social link (yet still filtered). Might just be me though

Discord has a term of service where the person has to be above 13 to create an account/be in discord so It makes a tad more sense.

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True, but also as far as I know all the social link platforms require the user to be 13 (or 18 I believe for YouTube) to create an account. And Roblox is vague about it, and to add onto my Discord point, Facebook is a social link, but not stated in the rules as an exception

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True, but what about other parts of the website aswell where a developer has input? i.e Game descriptions

I mean you probably could show off your game and tell people about it.

The Roblox Terms of Service is very explicit about what sites can be linked on Roblox and those are enforced by the filter. These rules are also applicable against game content.

You can link websites like Ko-Fi on other allowed platforms, but you cannot use said allowed platforms to directly link to and circumvent the rules against links on Roblox. Inappropriate sites, whether directly or indirectly linked, are wholly outlawed and can result in moderation action on your Roblox account.

Feel free to link Ko-Fi in your GitHub repositories, YouTube video descriptions, Twitter bio, an occasional tweet or whatever, absolutely you can do that.


True (30 chars? 30 chars. Still not 30 chars.)

I remember something about Google/YouTube accounts requiring the user to be 18+

13+, in Europe it is 16, i think.

Link the donations through your discord (if you have one.)
AFAIK, it’s technically not linking donations through roblox, you’re linking them through discord.