Would it be allowed to give a certain in-game feature for Discord Nitro Boosters?

So I was thinking that people who boost my server could get access to a special in-game room, would this be allowed? I know the rule on no trading in-game currency/items for third-party platforms, but I didn’t know if it is allowed to just give them access to a room. There would not be anything in my game that says it is for Nitro Boosters either, it would only tell you that on our Discord server only.

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Tough question to answer since I don’t see anyone do that in any type of game.

I say no. As it breaks ToS by not being a purchasable currency inside Roblox and that it’s outside of Roblox is breaking a rule.

As what @CAP7A1N said, can’t give anything special that isn’t Robux.


This has been asked before.