Discord Boost Rewards In-Game

I had trouble figuring out which was the correct forum to post this, I’m trying to figure out if having discord boosters receive in-game benefits (Not advertised ingame) is allowed on ROBLOX. We do not put any discord information on the game besides the link through ROBLOX’s link service on the game page.


Hey, you can try by using HTTPS Service, I really don’t know but if I find something I’ll tell you. :slight_smile: EDIT: You can try to use :RequestAsync() The RequestAsync() function sends an HTTP request using a dictionary to specify the request data, such as the target URL, method, headers and request body data. It returns a dictionary that describes the response data received.

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Right now I believe we have it checking discord for the “Booster Rank”

I’m trying to figure out if it’s allowed on ROBLOX as someone tried telling me it wasn’t.

It is, but you might need a bot in the discord

If you had asked this a year ago, the answer would have most likely have been no, however recently roblox appears to have become more encompassing for community-building platforms and the only thing currently that is a strict no-no is promoting discord via any means but the social links, even a reference to it is not allowed if it can be found on roblox.

Basically, if you tell people on discord if they boost the server they will get a reward its fine,
But if you say on roblox I f you boost the server you get a reward thats not fine.

Keep in mind this is my opinion, but I feel I have reasonable logic behind it, and from seeing similar discord discussing posts my arguments should be valid.


I can’t confirm this is the right answer from Roblox, but I dont see any issue with this at all.

(Quick way you could remotly check if the user is a booster)

app.get("/api/boostercheck/:target", function(req, res) {

client.guilds.get("650041002735960074").fetchMember(req.params.target).then(m => {
if(m.premiumSince === null) return res.json({"booster": false})

if(m.premiumSince) return res.json({"booster": true})


May of done it wrong but typed it on mobile.

(thats done with discord.js master)


Adding in-game rewards for Discord server boosters is fine. You are not making any direct transactions in your server and people get what they paid for due to native support on Discord for boosting. It’s its own form of monetisation. Extending that support over to Roblox games is alright as well.

While Discord does monetary work, the exchange of funds is not direct. When you pay for Discord Nitro, it goes directly to Discord and you are given perks to use on Discord automatically by the service (emojis and all). Purchases are appropriately honoured and you get your items as in when you pay.

What Roblox doesn’t like is one-on-one direct transactions where you actively exchange game rewards for spending some of your cash. This counts as a scam, regardless of your intentions and it will result in the loss of your account.


This probably won’t be allowed since Roblox doesn’t know if you will really give benefits or straight up scam. I recommend you do something else not social media. Anything referenced to social media is probably not allowed except the social links due to underage people/parent’s dont allow. This may be allowed depending though if your game is directed to teens or adults but you will need to check policies on that and what age is considered a teen and adult in every country Roblox is allowed and/or avaliable in meaning research and some searching on google. Not a good act.