Would my game have less lag if it has free models but without scripts

Those Roblox FM cars have an extremely high tri count, and I think they around around 30k each. If you just get rid of them, I think you’d find there to be much less lag :smile:

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i know but how am i going to make a simple car kinda like the roblox free model ones when in reality i dont really how to even make a vehicle
and plus i dont even really know how to model stuff either

There is something called Streaming Enabled which creates areas on the place so not everything loads until you get close to it! Hope this helps

i already added streamingenabled months ago

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for me its still laggy can you show me your lighting properties and whats in it

image image

i checked all models in my game including the cars which is from this topic here New Endorsed Models in Toolbox! - Updates / Announcements - DevForum | Roblox and they dont really have any viruses
not even a script called spread (aka a fire spread script)

edit: i know its been 8 days since i came here

The Endoresd Models are from Roblox so they are guaranteed to be functional and not have any malicious scripts. We are working on tools to filter bad models.


will a car spawner help reduce lag
like it will basically be like where you would walk up to a part, pick the car you want, and it spawns at the dealership

ps: i know its been 23 days since the last reply