Would sponsoring my game be worth it?

In a recent post I made, I talked about my game being finally released. I started making short videos related to the game on social media to advertise it, but it’s still too early to discuss its success.

The next step is to sponsor my game. The problem is that my budget is limited (7000 robux) and from what I’ve read, sponsors do well on large budgets. My question is: will it be worth it? Have you had positive experiences from using sponsors? I feel like my thumbnail is appealing enough and the feedback on my game has been good which will hopefully keep players on the game longer.

Would you mind sharing how you would be appealing to your audience first, to see whether the foundation is good?

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I think mainly from skill drops you can get from obtaining a high enough score, which gets shown at the countdown. All they have to do is spawn and go to the gamepad right next to it. The character itself is also highly customizable, with over 30 cosmetics to equip currently.

The game itself is also very challenging, so obtaining these skills will be hard. I’m thinking of maybe giving 1 for free to beginners.

Who would your target audience be?

I don’t know yet, but it plays perfectly fine on mobile as well

Hmm, it’s just slightly hard to say from there. Considering the small budget, your game’s thumbnail must really stand out on the front page to have a chance of being clicked on by users, should you decide to sponsor.

Don’t forget you have other places to advertise your game too! Social media platforms like TikTok or YouTube could be a good way to start without spending much money.

Yes, I’ve been posting on TikTok for 2 days now but I don’t know how far thatl’ll get me. No followers yet but 13 likes in total. No video gets more than 100 views.

This is my thumbnail currently:

I might add a fireball or something to indicate that skills can be used

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