Would this be a fun game?

So for my game, it would kind of be like a visually appealing exploration game where you can talk to NPC around you and just hang out, you can also earn coins by doing quests from NPCs. Also planning to add some type of customizing for the player, don’t know what yet.

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Everything described feels more so like mechanics of a game than an actual game. The mechanics sound similar to Super Mario Odyssey or A Hat in Time, two 3D Platformers. I wouldn’t try making an open world game though as it takes months if not years to make a decent one.

Can start there and work toward something that might be a fun game.

Maybe try to think in terms of what your players will do in your game. Just hanging out isn’t really a game. I’ve made a few showcases that are fun to hang out in with the right group of people. That doesn’t make them games. With a game you shouldn’t be forcing the players to find ways to make it fun. You need to offer activities that produce rewards. And those rewards need to make players want to perform other activities. That’s your core game loop, and without a good one your players will drift off to hang out with friends in games that are more rewarding. Avatar customization, nice visuals, places to explore, coins, and NPCs can all add interest to a game, but so far, the closest thing you have to a game is the quests, and what those are specifically will weigh heavily on whether or not the game is fun.

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Oh, I see what you mean about the mechanics, and I was not planning to make an open world just sections of areas.

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Oh yeah, and speaking on the fun, I think games like these are enjoyable.

The Level Up Series by Roblox had a video about fun in video games: Live with Level Up: Finding the Fun with Splitting Point

I also had a discussion with some people on the forum about finding fun in video games: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/what-makes-a-game-entertaining/1531684/5


Quest would not be the only thing that would give you coins, this was just a really really rough idea to something. Am just planning out stuff to see if it would work.

Thank you, this will really help me with a better game idea.

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The game will be in those things you do to get coins. If those things are fun, the game will be fun. The coins can be used to score the players progress or give them currency to purchase upgrades and decorations but having coins won’t make a boring game fun.

An empty baseplate can be fun with the right group of people. Your task as a game maker is to build something that is still fun when those people aren’t around keeping players in your game. Focus on what your players will do to make coin and what they can do with that coin. Ideally, they’ll be able to use coin to improve their experience (upgrade gear to earn faster or better looking stuff or access to new areas, etc).