Would this be a good game idea?

Hello, I wanted some feedback on how my game idea would work and how great it would be. Here is my game idea.

So it’s a game of where the earth stops rotating and basically you have 1000 megatons of nuclear bombs, and you go on a shuttle and it takes you to the earths core and protects you from immense heat and pressure.

So that’s my game idea, what do you all think?


Lag Crash Machine…
It’s not going to be profitable at all, but maybe good at stress relieving, yes.

Thanks for the feedback! Actually it is profitable because I added a donation board to the lobby and I’m adding an “Always Be Captain” which means you always get to control the shuttle for 5000 robux.

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This is quite confusing after all, I think would be cool if you make a giant showcase of inner Earth and a bit of ruins and craters on the surface etc

That’s exactly what I’m adding to the game, lol.

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But I seriously mean a showcase, like this

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The spawn location I was thinking of was on an island with like the trees and stuff with an airport.

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Good premise but it would need replay value. Is it a story game like the Camping series or something else?

I made it kinda like my own genre, technically it has action and sci-fi, so I’d say it’s like those games in the arcade where you shoot dinosaurs, except this one, it’s kinda like a story but idk how to describe it.

I know exactly what you’re talking about now. I would definitely play something like that.

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The concept sounds amazing and extremely intriguing.

However, even with an idea of making it one large story with some arcade type shooting in it, it still makes it a “one time play and done” type of thing. Unless the story itself is really long with chapters, similar to the Roses game on Roblox, then I can see people replaying it over and over.

These chapters could be broken down to first going to the core of the Earth off of the shuttle and being introduced to where you’re staying, then the next chapter can introduce some issues like the Earth’s core having a bad reaction to all the people inside it and using its resources, so it starts to break down, so you have to do the best you can do run around and fix all the breaking walls, then the next chapter can be the aftermath of the Earth stopping its rotation and everyone returning to the surface, then trying to adjust to the new Earth, etc.

This probably scientifically makes no sense, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say.

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Thank you for this amazing idea! It sounds very unique and I should try this!


It is a very good idea for a roblox game :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

But do you think you can add more to the idea to make it better