Would you be comfortable sharing your credentials?


In light of the numerous requests and more that are about deterring specific groups of people from accessing the forum and likewise, encouraging the right group of people to make use of the Forum.

I have noticed that a lot of users have made comments that are about sharing one’s personal credentials with Roblox. Think about credentials like your passport, driver’s licence, birth certificate, baptism… etc…

It is due to these comments that I started wondering how many people actually would do just that? Personally, I don’t have that much of a problem sharing my identity to verify who I am, but I can imagine some people do have a problem with the practice.

Heck, I’ve noticed that there’s quite a large opinion gap when it comes to this topic. Users majorly hate the idea in this topic about voice chat whilst other users do see the advantage of it when put in the context of encouraging a more developer driven forum instead of a player based one.


I created this topic in order to generate feedback that can be used to enhance the forum. The goal of this post is to poll users about their willingness to share their credentials. It is safe to assume that such a system to share your credentials is via a third party website and not actual ROBLOX itself; think about Veratad or any other verification tool for that matter, arguably a much safer method.

Poll: Would you be willing to share your credentials with a third party website?

  • Yes, I am more enclined to share my credentials.
  • No, I am more enclined to not share my credentials.
  • I do not know yet if I would or wouldn’t share my credentials.

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This honestly depends on why they need the information and who will handle it. If it is to verify who I am here, Roblox already has my personal information for DevExing reasons and Tipalti is the one to hold it. As mentioned elsewhere in this category alone, I would not trust Roblox with personal information unless it was handled by a reputable 3rd party company.


Personal information is a superset of credentials; I’m happy with trusted parties to have my personal information, for legitimate and justified reasons - I would never, ever be happy with any company having access to my credentials, even those to access their own site (i.e. unencrypted). My passwords and other credential tokens are for me alone, and no person should (nor will) ever be given access to them.


FWIW, Roblox already requires identity verification to receive DevEx/Stars income for some countries currently.

Poll question is written a bit biased:

Poll: Would you be willing to share your credentials with a third party website?

No, not without a good reason. For a good reason? It depends. The poll question should probably be more specific.


hell, i’m hesitant to give twitter my phone number and now you want me to give out a passport? this would just kill off the official devforum and users would start their own/use existing forums

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