We need better security to prevent underaged users

There’s not really anything roblox can do about it. If you need age verification, then suggest a way they could. The real simple fact is that any age verification is so easy to fake. They can’t do anything with ids, because plenty of people (specifically in the U.S.) don’t even get id’s until their 16 or 18, I didn’t anyways. Not everyone has a passport (I still don’t). And anyone can just put a random date into a computer and tell it that they’re older than they really are. Age verification for 13+ is very difficult.


Do the people you hire actually have their Roblox accounts linked to the forum?


Putting your Discord directly in a recruitment post can be quite problematic since the #collaboration category is not private, and can be accessed by anybody whilst signed out.

If you were contacted by people who aren’t old enough to sign into the forum then you should consider forwarding all contact to forum DMs first (and then to Discord if appropriate) so users whose ages have not been authenticated cannot contact you.


Thanks for the advice I also think that the #collaboration should be set to developer forum members only that could be a solution.


I’m not gonna name names (mostly because I’m not allowed to), but there’s multiple users on the devforum who are blatantly just alts for underaged users (constantly posting web.roblox links, generally have the maturity and spelling/grammar skills of a person under 13, empty roblox accounts made the same day they signed up for the devforum, one recently even spammed up DD with the same exact post 3 times in a row, and another one even has the most specific clearly age evading alt name ever) and despite the endless amount of times I send those posts with the links to staff via “Something else”, they’re still not removed from the devforum.

We can have better security against underage users, it’s just devforum staff don’t want to give us that. (Roblox can and do track/link alt accounts of users, and it wouldn’t be hard at all to just say “is this users main underage?”, but they don’t)


I have a question, did you at least report them to discord and the forum?

Also I think roblox not, only for the forum, should try to get people to write their (or their kids) real age.
What I mean is that roblox won’t punish them for being under 13 and all that. So basically you know how you lied about your age before (maybe) on maybe YouTube? Just to get some features or other things.

I like to have roblox themselves, when creating a new account that it is clear that there’s no age limit to certain things.


I’m in full support of your idea. Like @cpguy5089, and finally someone said this, there’s a stupid amount of blatant underage users on the forum which I could name but I can’t because of common courtesy.

When hiring game testers, there’s really not much skill to being a game tester, though. Sure you have to be sharp witted and keep an eye out for mistakes and bugs, but it isn’t as much as compared to building or scripting, where underages users can be caught easier (this is not saying <13 users cannot build or script better than older users). Hiring game testers lures people looking for cash when anyone of any age can do it easily.

Even with that said, it’s still a problem <13 users are on a +13 forum. You can try looking up ‘web.roblox.com’ and get a crap load of posts and replies with the link, and discern who is underage.

This problem goes back to square one of trying to secure lying about one’s age upon account creation, because once they lie about their age, they’re good to go to sign up for the Devforum as a +13 user. Age authentication for Roblox is hard, because people are simply not honest. They lie to gain the upper hand to access certain things they should not, specifically, access to the Devforum.

All in all, I am in full support for better security for underage user prevention. I have always found it annoying to see the posts and replies from obviously underaged users, and prevention for this would greatly improve my experience on this forum.


What exactly do you want them to do though?

Issues like these are present on every social media site and yet none of them can stop underaged users regardless.

And trying to create a security feature that can check people’s age without their knowledge or consent would be considered illegal.

There’s a reason we have to put in our emails, names and phone numbers ourselves after all.

Nothing can really be done about this so you’ll just have to be more aware of who you hire from now on.


This problem could be solved only through ID verification. But 13+ doesn’t mean 18+, so some parents might not allow their sons/daughters, even if they are over 13, to show Roblox their IDs. And so Roblox would lose some good developers over 13 but under 18, and this would be a way bigger problem than underaged users.


Underage users are a huge problem on the DevForum, and if you see any proof of someone being underage, whether that be a web.roblox link or them explicitly saying they are, please flag the post for moderation and the moderators will investigate.

Please also support this feature request about detecting underage users.

The only thing we can do now is flag posts that indicate a user is underage.


It gets even worse in the international categories where moderation is basically nonexistent, presumably due to some sort of language barrier.

The SSO method already checks if account birthday is under 13 in order to block them from logging into the forum, I don’t think that is “illegal”. But more needs to be done, such as watching “web.roblox.com”. They already do it for discord server invites, so I see no reason why they can’t do it for web.roblox.com either.


Good idea I hope we can bring this to roblox attention!


I’d guess that our community can prevent underaged users too. By just flagging to the moderators users who have “web.roblox.com” in some links they send. I however support this request and the forum needs better protection.

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to be honest there are a lot of underaged people in discord and catching them is easy but you need to look very carefully by how they talk or what the link they are posting just like what @octav20071 said looking at a web.roblox.com will put a lot of red flags hell with the free private server links you can catch them very easily if you have some sort of free private server sharing chat

What do you expect?In todays society.People usually pretend to be over 13 to get the advantage they want.I usually think Roblox should put some captcha that all over 13 year olds should know,but it might be a hard challenge because of different country educational systems like all has to be different age=different types of level of learning(if im being honest,that actually might not work).

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How can a web.roblox link prove that an user is underaged?

Not everyone is an English-Native speaker. Non-English-Native speakers could make some grammar mistakes when talking in English. Also, there could be 11 year-olds who use grammar perfectly, and 21 year-olds who can’t even write a sentence that makes sense

Again how can a link prove that an user is underaged?

What do you mean?


Only underage users have the web.roblox.com link, look at the search bar when you’re on the Roblox website. You’ll see that the link is www.roblox.com.

Oh yes it’s true. But what if a <13 user copies a link from a 13+ user?

P.S. I’m curious, why do links change between 13+ and <13 users?

Well, if they didn’t know that (and I doubt that many of them do know this), they would get banned.


So a 13+ user would be banned without a reason.

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I’m sure there would be a reason, but it might be unclear to the person who got banned.

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