Wow this is already annoying

So I have a nice tick where I have to check any notification I get and this new notification list showed up on the site for some reason.


Personally I don’t need notifications about friend requests because I get a lot all the time that I don’t care about. So naturally I hit the settings button to go turn it off, or at least the friend requests portion.

Annoyin g2.png

Amazing the “Turn of friend requests” notifications check box is greyed out.

So anyways when are they making this check box work so I can turn off these notifications. I already have plugins that notify me about PMs and other things so this is just an extra annoyance to click to get rid of the red bubble.


It’s not toggleable, as of right now.

Waow pls, I said we were experimenting with which types to make mandatory. This is just a beta test so we can get feedback like this. People are so worked up about this haha.

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Sorry, not trying to be condescending here. Just quoting what you said, I’ll change my part on the previous post :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol it’s k, no worries. People are just so prickly about friend requests.

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Anyway, please take a look at the beta test thread that Usering posted. We’re doing a beta test for a new feature. We’ve heard your suggestion about friend requests.

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Excuse us for being a bit uppity about this, we just have a history of having our concerns ignored when it comes to things similar to this. Nothing against the entire feature as a whole, I look forward to it coming to full fruition.


oh wow a friend request

I like the concept but I don’t care much about friend requests.



Same goes for me. Granted, it’s not as wild as some of the other peoples’ request count, but I do get them a lot and I don’t want to be notified that someone sent me yet another one.


Cool feature. Works nicely. While FR’s are grouped I still get too many, as a Dev this would drown out the more important notifications that would have more importance for me. Please let me disable. Thank

None. Let me have an empty stream if I want one.