Wrong Language in Moderation Reports

Today in particular a lot of my friends have been reporting their models getting them warnings, but the warnings have a particular trend to them. They’re in the wrong language.

Aside from the fact they’re getting moderated because the model has logos on it with text, and they’re getting bagged for “small text” when that’s something out of their control, they’ve been receiving the Moderator Note in Spanish rather than English. Considering they are English speaking users without a lick of Spanish, this makes no real sense.

I’m uncertain if this is an issue with a Spanish Speaking Moderator giving a warning in Spanish to and English Speaking User, or the Localization system having issues, so I thought it should be brought to attention.


I guess if Roblox wanted to be even more annoyingly picky with moderation policy, they could ask us to position ThumbnailCameras in a fashion where text is legible. Then again, that should be when custom ThumbnailCameras are involved in the first place. The image shown looks to be proxy gen’d.


I haven’t been warned for this at all (yet) because I delete visible text from my models when I do publish them (I usually save to my hard-drive as .rbxm) or I could just make a script that then enables a decal / surfacegui to appear when the game is running.

I do find the fact that decals accepted by moderators but then placed on a part and requires moderation again is a bit annoying, which is one of the reasons I save to hard-drive.


Wait, you can actually get moderated for models because the text on their auto-generated thumbnails might be unreadable?
I am sorry but what?
I would understand if the thumbnail was actually inappropriate but this is just stupid.


If the moderators are judging it based on the thumbnail couldnt you just put the ThumbnailCamera pointing away from the model to solve this?
then again if you can do that to solve this then it instantly nullifies the need to block these as you could just point the thumbnailcamera away to hide anything.

If not then ignore my post :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I did not mean for this post to go this off topic so here is my opinion on the OP

i feel they should remove this moderation type entirely as it can be evaded very easily (mentioned on top)


No. You can’t solve this issue by turning the thumbnail away. Any picture that is just 100% transparent will automatically get declined because it’s assumed that you’re uploading a blank (shirt/pants picture) for the purpose of having a blank outfit so that you get a naked character on Roblox.

Which is ironic, as equipping a deleted shirt/pants prevents the cover-up shorts from showing up and effectively lets an avatar be naked.


Not a perfect system, for sure.

But all honesty, this post is about the fact an English user received a Spanish Warning with all English Text surrounding it. Doesn’t make sense.

Even if you cant submit with an empty image there are all kinds of stuff you could do to bypass, like creating a fake model for the thumbnail that would be deleted later on, make the camera point at an image only visible at a certain angle etc (referring to models)

Edit: you could even make a model making script (where you somehow translate the objects into a one time runnable script that generates the model, but just me mentioning that is most likely a bad idea…

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I mean, what other people have done is put the bad model into a brick, aka resizing the brick to cover the entire model. There was some very inappropriate character model stuff that was essentially in a box made up of 1 large brick covering over the entire thing.

Yeah, there are multiple ways to evade this

What i would propose to fix that one is make the moderator reviewing it be able to see the amount of parts is in the model and see if it matches what is visible (its pretty obvious if it says 25 parts but you can only see 1 or 2)

you could even make a AI be able to guess what models seem to have the valid amount of parts (to see if the person is trying to hide something)

but that could create more problems

you could always give the moderators the ability to see all the parts at a transparency

but, what do i know about the moderation tools :man_shrugging:


This is still happening. I recently was creating a advertisement board in my game where players can purchase ads. When translating from Spanish to English, I got warned for apparently encouraging players to click multiple times?


Uploaded a harmless UV map and got this spanish message?