xAPI: A Powerful Executor Simulator

This version of xAPI is officially deprecated. Please go to the GitHub Repository or go to the new DevForum Post for more up-to-date information.

Have you ever wanted to use Executor Functions like getnilinstances within the Roblox environment? Now you can. With it’s Powerful functions and Lightweight system, xAPI can boost a script’s potential up to 500%


  • Enhanced Instance Management
  • Workspace Manipulation
  • File System Implementation

Repository | Model | Documentation


You can merge this PR for better repo viewing but I have no idea if this is actually useful other than the fact that you can trick players into thinking you’re exploiting


u use task in spawn but not for wait?


Creating UI and adding more functions soon, very nice release.


Sorry for the bump but the github link doesn’t work

i think its got deleted idk why but its offsale on roblox too

using task.wait() over wait() is just micro-optimization, maybe he wants to throttle the while loop?
like maybe that loop doesn’t run well when using task.wait() or Heartbeat:Wait() so he resorted to just old wait() function instead?

anyway, him using task library shows he is aware of it but didn’t felt like using task.wait() there

I’m working on a revamp with aliases, more functions, UI and non-spaghetti code. Expect major changes within a week!

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his better doing .Heartbeat over while loop like roblox said on the creator documentation page if it affect to the performance and practice.