Xbox gambling rule

It states to follow a rule called “no gambling” when making your game for XBox. I co-own a hotel called Hilton Hotels and we have casino machines for Entertainment purposes (although to use them you must own a game pass), I’m not sure if this counts so I’ve come to ask the devforum.

Please clarify, thanks.


As far as I know, gambling is not allowed on Roblox in general, not specifically Xbox.

I’m answering from what I learned from reading this post.

It counts as gambling if they are paying with robux, or a currency only purchasable with robux, for an unknown result which could result in them losing their money. It’s also not recommended that you include gambling since it could have lots of people mad at you.

Read the accepted response here:

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Is it just a for fun slot machine or does it actually take in-game currency and reward in-game currency? Also is this currency able to be bought with Robux?

From my time at Hilton Hotels, it’s a fun slot machine. No money is spent, both Robux and any in game currency.

If no money of any sort is going in, and no money of any sort is coming out, it’s not gambling


I’m pretty sure @Widgeon hotel game (I forgot the name) has some “gambling” machines, so it is not strongly moderated.

I’m not too sure on rules about gambling on Xbox, but I don’t think it’d be that good of an idea to have a currency lose currency from gambling. Even if you can’t buy it. I think that could be considered gambling, but I really don’t know.

He had to completely redo the casino since Roblox made him stop “gambling” in his casino.
The main problem with his is that you could buy plaza points and then go gamble them away at the casino which is technically gambling since you can buy robux with real money. Anyways, they forced him to redo the casino and now you can only play so many times a day without the VIP in the game and you don’t put any currency in it.

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