Xbox help with music

I fucking hate the new xbox sound track. When I open the app on console the first noise that awaits me is not the cheery happy old track that used to play. instead it is some earrape monstrostiy that litterally blows my fuckin ears out. how do it turn this off or switch back to the old track. god I hate how roblox doesn’t take xbox into consideration.


Other than turning off the sound on your device, and then turning it back on after joining a game… there’s nothing you can do about this.

I’ve advocated for some toggles, but there’s no way for me to make a proper feature request about it right now. Many dislike the change. And, despite the annoyance, I want to be respectful. I hope they listen to people sooner rather than later.

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they also optimized it for playstation only and xbox got left in the dark O can’t even play anymore because of the lag. and the games don’t even tell you when they support xbox so it wastes so much time to load it in then find out it isn’t even supported

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Yeah, it’s apparently on the long list of things to fix. Here’s an update on it from May 24 2023:

Maybe @goldzun can jump in with an update on this?

I assume they did put more work into optimization for PlayStation based on the announcement post. A lot needs to be done console-wide.

If the issue is lack of employees for that area, I’d love to work on the console side of things at Roblox. I believe @Hooksmith said at one point that Roblox doesn’t have an ‘Xbox team’, can’t find the quote, but I digress. Development of console feels behind, maybe it’s really time consuming or there are other limitations.

This was in the context of how we structure the bug report categories. Not in terms of not investing in Xbox support. Many teams at Roblox touch Xbox in some shape or form, so there’s not one Xbox team.


Thanks for the clarification; it makes sense that there are multiple teams. For an example, I assume those who work on Discovery would work on an equivalent to the Xbox Featured sort, if that was to be worked on, opposed to someone specifically for console or Xbox.

I see as a lot of console-specific issues and want to do something about it. Avenues of bug reporting and feature requests only go so far. A person to focus or manage or better communicate about progress with the community (about console) would be great in my mind.

Connecting to the OP: An issue such as background music, and a toggle for it, seems like an easy thing to change.